A Simple How-To for PlayingPacMan Online

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PlayingPacMan Online

Even though PacMan is one of the oldest arcade games, it is still one of most-loved. The little guy with the big mouth who devours white dots and steers clear of ghosts has been popular for 30 years now.  In lieu of the arcade many a PacMan fan is turning to the internet to play their favorite game. If you are wondering exactly how to play PacMan online, just read on:

The first thing you are going to do is a web search to find websites that offer the game. Just type something like “play PacMan online” into your web browser and hit “search.” Within seconds you will have tons of websites to choose from. One thing you want to check is that your computer or personal electronic device meets the system requirements needed to play the game. Sometime you may have to download and install a plug-in. Or you can find a website that offers a version of the game that is compatible with your system.

One you have the game set up you will need to decide what level you want to play at. The only determining factor here is your skill. If this is your first time to play PacMan online, or a slightly different version like Pac Xon, you probably want to start easy, but if you are familiar and experienced with the game you can start at a level suited to your skill.

To play the game you use your arrow keys to move the yellow PacMan around the maze eating white dots. The goal of the game is to eat up all the white dots, and steer clear of the ghosts that appear in the maze. Bear in mind that, the higher the level, the faster the ghosts appear. If the ghost eats PacMan then he loses a life. The game ends when you run out of lives. You can earn extra points by gobbling the fruit that randomly appears on the screen. There are also power pills that empower PacMan to gobble up the ghosts before they can get him. If PacMan eats all the dots and doesn’t lose all his lives then you progress to the next level of the game.

Once you get the hang of it, the game can make for hours of fun. Play against your friends and try and beat each other’s best scores. Enjoy this classic game anytime and anywhere, thanks to the internet and portable electronic devices. 


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