Keep Your Little Kid Entertained

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Kids get amused easily but they can also get bored fast. If you’re a busy parent, then you have to come up with new ways of keeping your little one entertained. Stimulate their imagination, play with them, read to them and do fun things together, because they really do grow up so fast and you’ll find yourself wondering where all those years have gone.
play dress up games online
Kids are capable of learning things quickly and they are like little sponges that soak up information, so you have to be careful to what you expose them to. The internet can be a dangerous thing if you’re not taking precautionary measures and if you don’t continuously monitor their traffic. Needless to say, you must have some sort of Internet parental control software that will make sure nothing slips by your watchful eye.

When you make sure their PC is internet friendly, go online with them and teach them how to look up things they are interested in, how to connect with their friends, play online games and beware of scams. There are plenty of games out there that will entertain them but also develop their cognitive skills. Let’s look at some key cognitive skills and see how they can be improved through online gaming.

Attention Skills
Some online time management games are perfect for teaching young kids how to multi-task. Diner Dash or something age appropriate that operates along the same lines will help them remember a piece of information while they’re performing an action.

Logic and Reasoning
Forming new concepts, the ability of reasoning is part of what makes us human. You don’t have to try hard to find some really helpful online games that will help your kid make connections easier and draw conclusions from what they see and what they’re being told.

Visual Processing
Thinking in images, analyzing them is yet another important piece of the puzzle that defines us as human beings. Something as simple as a makeover game will help kids develop this skill by first thinking of something in their heads, then recreating the image by themselves – play dress up games with them or let them do it online, it’s only going to help them.

Short-term memory or working memory can be improved through games such as Find the Pair. You must retain information for a short period of time, while carrying on another action and having more information being thrown your way. This skill can be trained and can help your child in school and in real life. 


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