How the Electronic Cigarette Works

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Electronic cigarettes were introduced to the US in 2007, as a feasible alternative for people who are addicted to nicotine. On the outside this device could easily be mistaken for the real deal but a closer inspection of what’s going on inside reveals that there’s no tobacco. So how do they work? Well in place of the usual brown matter there’s a clear, cleaner liquid that gets heated up when the smoker vapes or inhales. 

Those who enjoy vaping will tell you the e-cig offers a host of benefits over ‘cancer sticks’. On the plus side because there is no tobacco content tobacco laws don’t apply. That means they can be purchased by anyone in a retail environment, or online. It also means they can be used anywhere and the usual ‘no smoking’ designated areas would not apply. Additionally, one of the other big relieves is that they are markedly less expensive than tobacco cigarettes because they can be reused.

While they may look like the real deal, you won’t have to worry about a lighter because no real combustion takes place. That is thanks to the technology behind lithium-ion batteries which simply need to be recharged. The battery heats al element which activate the e-liquid inside the vaporization chamber. When you puff on the end the liquid is heated up and creates a release of water vapor. It looks and feels like you’re smoking but it is odorless and you’re safe from the toxins included in tobacco cigarettes. It is also an affordable gadget nowadays, especially if you claim a V2 Cigscoupon code 20.

One of the biggest technological accomplishments of the electronic cigarette is its ability to simulate the act of smoking without pumping the smoker full of nicotine, one of the most poisonous and addictive substances known to man. Here’s where it takes a little more responsibility or will power to break that addiction because this is where you have the choice to include or exclude nicotine from your puffing. Nicotine cartridges can be bought in different strengths including nicotine-free. You can get from as little as light or ultra-light tobacco cigarettes to pretty high doses. For the highly organized people out there this is also where you have a chance to wean yourself off the habit by starting with higher doses and lowering them gradually until you are vaping without nicotine at all.

For the skeptics out there, you have to know its ok when you start seeing them being used in movies and endorsed by celebrities. It appears the electronic cigarettehas landed.


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