4 iPhone Apps that Make Life Ten Times Easier

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Technology can be your best friend if you let it. If you have an iPhone, you know that your quality of life can change with the download of just a few apps. Whether you need practical, medical, recreational or motivational assistance, there are apps that will solve your problems immediately. Many of these apps are even totally free.

iPhone Apps

Vision! Test
If you hate surprises, don’t head to your doctor’s office before checking out your eyesight at home. In the age of self-diagnosing on the internet, the Vision! Test allows people to know whether they are nearsighted or farsighted before getting officially examined by an optometrist. While this app does not substitute a professional examination, it gives its users a sneak peek of what their doctor might say. Also, if you have a friend who swears that he doesn’t need glasses, using this app is an inexpensive way to prove him wrong.

Adaptu Wallet
If you are always losing your wallet, but you never use your iPhone, this Adaptu Wallet may be the most convenient app for you. Unlike your physical wallet, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your information because this app sits under bank-grade security.  In addition to being free and ad-free, it is closest app to a mobile wallet on the market. With this app, you don’t have to bother with an ATM again. Adaptu shows your latest account balances in real-time. It also sends you bill reminders and allows you to take store images of all of the items in your wallet, such as your insurance, driver’s license and business cards.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day and every special occasion that calls for a card no longer requires you to waste time ransacking through the greeting card aisle. With the iPhone Cards app, you can buy and mail customized greeting cards with your own photographs and text, including your own designs. Instead of spending three to four dollars one physical card, not including postage, you can spend $2.99 to download the app for endless cards. Unlike e-cards, this app gives you a product that your loved ones can hold in their hands. It is also cost-effective as it covers all printing, envelope and postage expenses.

GAIN Fitness
If you’re the type that hates to go to the gym alone, then the GAIN Fitness app is the friend who will whip you into shape. This iPhone app is the ideal workout buddy. Its digital personal trainer will give you customized exercise routines to fit your schedule. You let the app know your available time and equipment, and it will take it from there. Whether you want to shed ten pounds, build lean muscle or just improve your physical health, this app will help you make real strides towards accomplishing your goals.
The iPhone is more than a mobile device. It is a way of improving your life. Whether it is organizing your wallet, helping you to quit smoking or getting you back into shape, it can change the outlook of your life with only a few downloads.

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