Top 5 fields in IT jobs you can enter

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Top 5 IT jobs

Informational technology (or IT) is currently the best paid job sector in the world, with revenues that exceed 100,000 pounds per year. Luckily, it is also the field where you always obtain credits for your skills and jobs done and where you rarely interact with a grumpy or an annoying boss. However, obtaining a job in the IT field is far from an easy task, although it comes with great personal and professional rewards.
First of all, you should know that the world of IT is mostly seen as a privileged group, some sort of secret society or organization, where only the most gifted ones adhere and are recruited. As bizarre as it may sound, these acceptances are somewhat real and understandable, given the paid revenues. It is true that only the gifted ones manage to succeed in the world of IT, but that is mainly because you must really enjoy what you are doing to be humanly capable to sit in front of a desk for up to 10-12 hours a day and work with numbers, digits and codes. Secondly, you either hate it or love it – there is no middle way turn in the field of IT.
But apart from that, the world of informational technology can be as fascinating and enlightening as any other field, especially because of its extreme dynamic character. One of the biggest advantages you have working in the field is that you will never be able to say you got bored with what you are doing, as dozens of constant innovations appear each month. Moreover, most people tend to have a misconception regarding those working in the IT, as they tend to believe IT workers only deal with numbers and digits. In fact, they would be surprised to know the variety of careers one can opt for within the IT department, not to mention all the job challenges, promotions, responsibilities and opportunities.
Luckily, former high school nerds are extremely well paid and motivated to apply for an IT job, especially because they will get the chance to explore and improve their personal abilities and skills, as well as they will get to travel abroad, meet new people and work in a constantly dynamic environment. Regarding to the IT field, it is estimated that by the year 2020 multinational companies will have employed up to 34% more computer specialists in a series of challenging and rewarding positions. Out of them, here are the hottest right now:

  1. Cloud architects. The concept of “cloud storage” is relatively new to the world, as it has been only used for around a year. It appeared because companies were seeking for improved online storage locations, better protected and with better capacities. But what would a cloud architect do? Basically, the person is entitled to design solutions for all companies seeking to transfer their IT infrastructure and services from palpable servers to cloud solutions like Windows Azure. As being a highly motivational job with revenues of around 90,000 pounds per year, job applicants must be well recruited. A candidate is considered suitable for the job if he or she owns at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, information systems or any adjacent and relevant fields.
  2. Computer programmers. The sphere of computer programming is extremely vast as it is consists of thousands of programs designed for specific purposes and uses only. For instance, programmers can be recruited to create anything from school programs to complicated software solutions used in the banking system or telecommunications. Usually, computer programmers are divided in three categories: junior level employees, medium level employees and seniors, each earning different incomes. For instance, a junior level programmer with an experience of up to two years in the field will earn around 2,500 pounds per month while a senior level employee could earn up to 5 times more.
  3. Project managers. It is known that multinational corporations work based on a hierarchic structure, with variable levels of power within the company. For instance, computer programmers can be supervised by a project manager, especially if they are paid based on their fulfilled projects. Depending on the size of the project, as well as the allocated funds, the project could have more than one project manager. Usually, his or her attributions include supervising other programmers, keep in touch with clients regularly and make sure all technical errors are eliminated within time. A project manager is set to earn around 4,000 – 4,500 pounds per month.
  4. Web developers. According to important publications such as CareerCast or Dice, web developers will be some of the most wanted employees in the field of IT. A good web developer can earn up 3,500 pounds per month, as well as benefit from a multitude of other advantages.
  5. Database administrators are also on the list, with earnings around 50,000 pounds per year. The forecast on the employment growth outlook confirms that by 2020, there will be 31% more database administrators worldwide.

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