Understanding Free Bets and Bonuses

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Most sport betting operators are hardly trying to attract as many newbies as they can, not to mention about converting the competition's customers. The newbies are obviously the ones that bring in most money, since they do not have the experience and techniques to actually beat the house. In an attempt to draw your attention, you will most likely be spammed with special offers and promotions left and right. The good news is that they are actually for real. Therefore, some services may advertise for impressive bonuses, depending on how large your initial deposit is. There are cases when you might be given as much as you deposit, but only to a particular limit. In other words, you double up your money without doing anything. There are also cases when you might run into free bets. As long as they seem to be free, what are the risks?

The truth is that any of these special promotions hides a lot of requirements, rules and regulations. It is less likely to find all of them in a banner or a picture, so the operator will obviously advertise for the good part only. Although the free bets and bonuses represent the two most common awards, the series of laws can make it quite complicated to withdraw your money. The solution is very simple and effectiveyou must read and pay attention to the terms and conditions. They are displayed when you sign up and can reveal a series of tricks or rules. You definitely do not want your winning streak to be interrupted by the impossibility to withdraw the money.

Free bets
You can benefit from free bets with most betting operators on the market. Such bets may sometimes be advertised for as SNR (Stake Not Returned) bets. Although they are very advantageous, you cannot get back the stake too. You do not need a degree in mathematics to figure out that the odds must be higher than 2.0 in orders to make any profit. When you get a lower stake, you lose some money. On the other hand, the 2.0 odds are neutral. To make a long story short, betting £25 on 3.0 odds will return £50 only and not £75, as the stake is kept by the house.

Advantages of free bets
There are plenty of benefits when you opt for free bets. First of all, they are free, which is more than enough. Since your losses are minimal, you also have the time to become familiar with a certain operator and its features. Each betting house is unique, although the operating principles are alike. However, the rules, the bet types or the odds may differ, not to mention about the interface. Getting used to everything might take a while and developing a few useful techniques as a newbie is definitely the most important advantage. In conclusion, the free bets are more appropriate to newbies and beginners.

The bonuses are highly advertised for because the term is more enticing to people. Most ads or marketing banners you will see are related to bonuses. Some betting houses double up your first deposit without any initial requirements. However, there are some limits. But in order to withdraw the cash, you need to understand the requirements and stick to them. One of the most common rules implies rolling over the cash for a few times. Some other rules ask for particular odds, such as higher than 1.5, not to mention about the restrictions to stick to simple bets only. Any of these rules can definitely make your experience more complicated and risky, but this is the price you have to pay for a simple bonus.

Advantages of bonuses

The bonuses bring in a series of advantages and the extra money you get is obviously the most significant one. It depends on how much you are willing to deposit. Although the requirements are sometimes too complicated, an experienced player will always know what to do in order to take the money back. Another good thing about bonuses is that some betting operators give them out for free on a regular basis, only to stimulate the current players to spend more. All in all, this feature can be extremely beneficial, but it is obviously recommended to those with a little experience.

Difference between free bets and bonuses

The difference between these two major promotions is obvious once you understand what each of them means. Other than that, they target different categories of players – newbie or experienced betters. One of the worst problems floating around them is the fact that a few beginners actually bother to educate themselves before spending their money. The differences may sometimes be ignored by the booking agents or operators too. The secret stays in the terms and conditions. Read them carefully and try to determine if the promotion you are about to get is a free bet or a bonus. If you end up reading about roll overs, particular odds and other restrictions, you will most likely end up with a bonus.


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