Palo Alto Networks - Leader in Enterprise Network Firewalls

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Palo Alto Networks is founded by NirZuk. NirZuk is one of the top Security visionary. Palo Alto Networks had built a top level next generation firewall by making use of several best technologies. Which enable the organizations to fix the firewall? These technologies run on high-end performance, purpose built platform based Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Technologies uses these core technologies to build secure and best paolo alto firewalls

1. App ID

This is going to classify all the traffic all the time on all the ports. This can classify all the traffic irrespective of the protocol, and encryption.

2. User-ID
This lets you to enable the applications on your network securely based on your users and groups on your network.

3. Content-ID
This is going to scan content your network in real time and blocks the threats and controls the web surfing and this help to set the limits to the data transfer on your network.

And here are some more features the included in this firewalls

  • URL Filtering

URL Filtering is wonderful feature this feature can be enabled by utilizing the local backups and also querying the master database on the cloud. Making use of the Application control and URL filtering can enable you to control employee activity and the network activity. And this lets you to control the browsing the Internet, you make a set of blocked sites and Unblocked sites.

You can also set the bandwidth control to the specified groups over the internet.

You can also enable the SSL decryption policies by allowing the encrypted access to the specific sites on internet.
  • Central Management

In this Centralized Policy Management administrators are given the complete access all the devices and the accepts. Administrators are allowed to edit the post rules locally also. And you can do much more in this Central Management
  • Botnet Protection

This is a one of the best features included in this firewall. This lets you to keep your network from the bots and other malicious malware over the internet. This can protect you from the malware stored in the compressed files.
This can also give protection from the Dangerous HTML and JavaScript’s
  • Global Protect

This Global protection enables your users on your network to access the content on your network in secure way from anywhere, therefore the name best suits to this feature.
  • IPS

Since today's attacks are using the combination of application vectors and exploits. Palo Networking had included this feature to defend the network from the brute attacks on your network.
  • Policy Control

You can control the privacy control on your network on and see how and who is the applications on your network to transfer the data on your network.

  • Device Management
  • Network and VPN
  • Redundancy and Residency
  • Antivirus
  • Application Visibility
  • Decryption

These features have their own priority building the top level next generation firewall.


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