Best Software to Filter the Web Policy

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Wow Here is a best way to filter the Web policy of your Guest Users using your network to browse the Internet with a simple and powerful tool from Pearl Software. The Pearl Software Wi-Fi Hotspot. Filter installing this software is so easy we need not to install any extra supporting software and also do not require any special hardware requirements for installing this. And more over this Software does not depend on the environment of the Operating Systems.

Most of the Organizations and Companies feel Wi-Fi Hotspot. Filter as perfect software for their works because of Zero maintenance and easy installation. Pearl Software is going to host DNS servers which are filtered. The DNS requests from your Guest users from you network will be simply pointed to you Wi-Fi Hotspot. Filter software the DNS servers can filter any type of URL/ link and every URL/link request from your Guest Users. 

You can make use of the powerful blocking function setting to block the illegal content and websites containing the offensive content material. If your guest users on your network try to access the restricted content they will be automatically redirected to the warning message without any notice, You are allowed to manage the blocking the sites in three level they are 1) General 2) Enhanced and the last one is Maximum level where every level has got its own functions and importance to block the content over the internet and without installing any new software and making changes you can insert the new web filtering policy. The DNS servers of the Wi-Fi Hotspot, Filter are so fast and redundant. You will be given with a new DNS address from the Pearl Software to which you have to point your network DNS to that DNS ip address

Pearl had included the Echo Filters in WiFiFilter software. This filter is best for the companies and organizations where the guest users of the company are allowed to access the network from different devices. These Echo Filters are so powerful that they can even filter the web policy on the different devices from where the guest users are allowed to access your network from user’s own devices.

Minimum System Requirement:
· No Software Requirements
OS Independent (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, AIX, BSD, etc.)
· No Hardware Requirements
Platform Independent (Desktop, Laptop, Thin Client, Mobile, etc.)


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