Top five money-saving apps

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Top five money-saving apps

Mobile phones have changed the way many of us use technology over the last decade, with even self-appointed technophobes owning the latest smartphones. This is thanks in no small part to their excellent versatility - these mobiles aren't just useful for keeping up with work e-mails and making appointments anymore, they're entertainment devices, games consoles and communications tools all wrapped up into one. The huge number of applications available only makes them more appealing, and many companies are jumping aboard by creating dedicated apps for vouchers and discounts. Take a look for some of our favourites, and start saving money straight away:

Living Social
Offering users discounts in their local area as well as nationwide, Living Social is a great way to discover new places and products. As well as regular deals, you can expect daily offers of up to 90 per cent off at selected restaurants. The app also has money off activities, including comedy nights, city tours and spa days. It's great for families, as there are usually deals and offers for kids, too, and if you have people visiting it's ideal for a trip somewhere special without breaking the budget!

Voucher Cloud
Voucher Cloud is similar to Living Social, but offers a lot more in the way of lifestyle options, including shopping and holidays in its daily deals. Download the code straight to your phone and use it straight away, or just browse for the deals you can get nearby for a quick, easy day plan! Vouchers work in-store as well, so make sure you have your smartphone at the ready whenever you hit the shops.

If you like collecting loyalty points Quidco is an absolute must; the app allows you to build up cashback in a number of different stores, including Asda and Tesco as well as large-scale purchases from Expedia and Debenhams. Simply shop online via the app - or indeed the website, from your PC - and start collecting money straight away!

Another one for point collectors, Cardstar could quickly turn into your most useful app. This is one you'll need to take into the shop with you, as it records every loyalty card you hold - meaning that instead of rifling through cards at the checkout, you can simply pull out your phone and have the cashier scan the front.

Viber offers an excellent way to save money on your calls and minutes by using your data network instead of your allocated call time. If you have an unlimited plan this is ideal for cutting down on your monthly bills, and means you can enjoy unlimited communication without worrying about how much you're spending!


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