Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker

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Hunting around the internet for the perfect way in which to make a collage using a Facebook cover maker is like going into a rain forest in search of wildlife – there are hundreds to choose from with many permutations of the same thing.

Facebook Cover Maker Paintbrush Apps

Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker
It is incredibly common for Facebook cover websites to offer a simple flash based Facebook cover tool that doesn't even reach the toolkit that Microsoft Paint offers, and so, it’s not exactly fit for purpose.

These cover maker applications do undeniably help to make a cover, but they don’t exactly make it easy for you.

Other Facebook Cover Maker Options 

Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker

Some of the best Facebook cover creation tools out there are specifically designed to work with your photos and integrate a template that a graphic designer has created with your photo art work.

Some of the templates provided do actually look and work very well, however, for the most part the cover maker templates look cheesy and the web app designed to integrate the photos into the template isn’t robust enough.

Making a Facebook Cover Based On Your Personality

Tipped by the developer Athena IT as the best way in which to make a Facebook cover, Make a Cover for Facebook offers you the opportunity to create a cover based on your personality.

Whether this Facebook collage cover maker is indeed the best way to improve the header graphic that sits on top of your Facebook wall is arguable, but since this utility does integrate a character based on your personality this tool is at least interesting.

Daniel Offer, the owner of the company that made up this tool described it as a “Simple, yet clever app designed to make you a custom Facebook cover quickly and with ease.”

The developers of this Facebook cover maker have taken the approach that people would like to dress up their Facebook cover in a similar way in which they buy clothes and get dressed for a night out.

In this manner you are guided through the collage selection process to put together your cover with a wardrobe like tool. Your changes and selections are then shown in a preview window that takes up most of the screen space within the online maker app.

Once you are done with creating your character based collage you are then able to freely – and without watermark – apply your design as your Facebook cover either by downloading the cover or by using a Facebook application provided.

You’re Choices

Although your choices are slightly limited within this Facebook cover making tool you do have choices. These choices influence how your end Facebook cover will look.

The first choice that you have is as to which character you wish to use – you have the choice of a devil, penguin, manga character as well as gender based characters. Once the initial choice has been made, you then are able to customize the character that you have been given.

At the time of writing, Make a Cover for Facebook is the best character based Facebook collage tool available. 


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