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4 Best Web Apps to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

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We all know now a days using Multiple Twitter accounts is not so..... easier.We should always login to each twitter id to tweet or navigate through your accounts....But now the problem for these solution is sloved...!! Want to know about it.

Well,I found these web apps a better apps to use for your twitter accounts if you use Multiple accounts.Of course you can use them for a single account.So,they are as followed shown below

TwitIQ :

TwitIQ is a Smarter web app or client.It has Better Features like
- Real Time Updates
- Inline Image and Video Previews
- Multiple Accounts Support And Many More...! 
- Automatic Expansion of Shortened URLs

It is An advanced, Web-based Twitter client that supports grouping, Facebook, stats, multiple accounts,
pretty pictures, trending topics, and all sorts of other cool, awesome, and fantastic stuff :-)

It is an Web App for Easy management for multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor...!

These is the Web App at present i am using for my twitter accounts..With these you can also attach Facebook account(Fan page) to post itself whenever you update your website or blog.

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Top 5 Gmail Labs Features You Must Enable Right Away

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We all know Gmail is one of the most famous email based service in the world.It is one of the simple and easy way to use and which has most powerful features within and also under the hood it has more features where you can enable more advanced functionality which we call it as "Labs".

Actually what is meant by Gmail Labs:
Gmail itself says that:

Gmail Labs allows you to try out experimental new features in Gmail. If you're going to brave the Labs world, it's important to keep the following things in mind about these features:

  • They may break at any time.
  • Similarly, they may disappear temporarily or permanently.
  • They may work so well that they graduate and become regular features.
So,Try at your own risk of course none of these features will not harm you in any kind or gobble your email but they are just not polished at Google would want them to be.

To enable the Labs in your Gmail,Just login to your Gmail account and click on the settings link and then select the Labs tab.Now select Add-ons you like from the list by 'Enable/Disable' radio button and save the changes you done by clicking the Save Changes button

I found Some of these Add-on Features to have a worth useful...check out right now:

Inbox Preview :

This Add-on shows you the latest mails you had in your inbox as a preview before you enter into inbox.It will be very important if your waiting for any important mail.Well if it loads slow for slow connections,I prefer you to use Basic Html.

Mouse Gestures : 

These Add-on helps to surf Next or Previous mails by holding right-click and move your mouse Left or Right to go for a previous or next messages.And if you move up you will be back into inbox.These is one of the best alternate way of browsing your mails,Of course you require a little practice.

Undo Send : 

These is the one of the Best Add-on because we can Undo the mail we sent.It is a most helpful Add-on for many of them since all of us make a minor mistakes while we send mails to others.It adds a Undo option feature to allow the mail revert which we sent.Of course i think these feature will be available for 5-10 Seconds after you sent the mail.But these Add-on is worth for most of them and also useful.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts :

It lets you add custom keyboard shortcuts you define and it also add a new settings tab to re-define keys.

Inserting Images :

Allows you to add Images into your mail(message body).You can upload the images and insert from your computer or you can also insert by image Url
Note :These Add-on Feature will not work if you have offline enabled.

If i found any more new Add-ons useful...These Post Will Be updated with new Add-ons and Also Let Us Know If You find any add-ons useful.So,that we i update the post with more Add-ons here 
So,Don't Go Away...! Stay Updated With Us
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7 Cool Twitter Tools for Multiple User & Group Tweeting

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Clearly, Twitter is undoubtedly the topper when it comes to Social Media Marketing tools. Out of all the tools we use today for social media marketing, Twitter tools are the most versatile and obviously most sought after. One of the good feature about Twitter is that more than one person can use it at the same time. Multiple account tweeting is a reality today with big corporations or just about anyone with a peer team manages one single Twitter account collaboratively.

Who does group tweeting and why ?

Collaborative tweeting or group tweeting are done mainly when there is a team managing a single twitter account. Many people use Twitter for Customer Service, and there is often a team that works in shifts to manage a Twitter account 24/7. Social Media management requires 24/7 monitoring, therefore managing between multiple users becomes a necessity.
Here are some group tweeting/ collaborative shared Tweeting tools that should help you.

1.  Media Funnel

A professional group tweeting tool that lets you manage your tweets among colleagues and peer team. Analytics and event tracking for tweets are possible with this tool making it the best among the lot.

2. Objective Marketer

Really impressive tool that lets you schedule tweets, run campaigns and even measure them right inside the tool. Very promising tool, but costs a bit on the higher side.

3. Hootsuite

Probably the most popular among all Hootsuite is the most reliable tool when it comes to scheduling tweets and multiple user management. Easy to manage, Hootsuite is undoubtedly the best tool out there.

This tool is more like a social media monitoring tool in itself, with excellent reports on social media mentions and sentiment reports. To add to it you can run campaigns with multiple users involved. Very impressive tool.

5. Split Tweet

This is a multi user twitter management tool and an analytics tool combined together with no other distractions. You can use it for campaigns on brands and specifically target a social media channel. however, comparing it with other tools, you’ll miss some advanced features here.

6. Co Tweet

An amazing social media dashboard tool created specifically for Twitter, it lets you do lot of advanced things like multiple user management, specific keyword monitoring etc. The best thing is that it has a very simple interface even with all the complexities.

If you know more such tools, do let me know in the comments.
Have a nice day and blogging...!

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Browser compatibility tool – check your blog on various browsers and OS

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Wondered how to check your blog looks like on various browsers for operating systems like mozilla, safari, flock, etc and at different resolutions?
You might ask your friends to do it for you, but when you have a free online tool that checks your blogs look on various resolutions on various browsers, why go for the tedious way?
Browsershots is a cool handy online tool that helps your blog to be seen on many browsers like Firefox, SeaMonkey, Navigator, Galeon, Opera, IE etc. The good thing is that it throws up previews of your blog on the above mentioned set of browsers on various resolutions and on various operating systems like Ubuntu, WIndows XP, Windows 2000, PLD etc.
It’s a fantastic tool, that’s free and completely genuine. Check it out here.
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4 Free Heatmap tools for tracking user behaviour on a site

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Tracking user behaviour on a site can be quite tricky, I agree. You get lot of questions instead of answers starting from what metrics to track and what tools to employ to how long to track a metric. Having said that, I should admit that heatmaps are fun to look at and a more easy way to make meaning of your analytics metrics. Here are ten such heatmap tools that will make analytics easy for you.

1. Codynamix Open Source Free Heatmap Tool

Cannoli is an open source click heatmap tool and it’s written in Ruby on Rails. It’s based on Ruwa web analytics. You can get the latest code from github:
Its free however you have to request for an activation and email them with the site info you’re going to use it on.

2.  Attention Wizard Heatmap tracking tool

AttentionWizard uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate human visual processing and attention. It instantly creates an "attention heatmap" of your Web page thatpredicts where someone would look during the first few seconds of their visit. This tool is more of a visual tracking tool than actual click tracking, so if you had a mock up design, just send it to this tool and it will predict you how a pair of human eyes will move along the design elements.

3. Click Density – A Free Heatmap + Analytics Suite

Click Density is more than a heatmap tool, its more of analytics and advanced tracking. They have both paid and free versions as well.

4. Click Heats – Free Heatmap  Software for websites

ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. ClickHeat is an OpenSource software, released under GPL licence, and free of charge.

Bonus Tools – Paid Heatmap, Visitor Tracking & Analytics Software

1. Click Tale – See how much attention a specific website area gets from your visitors. Find what content your visitors care about the most, what they read, and what they completely skip over.

2. Crazy Egg – Another paid heatmap software that comes at low prices.

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Get Free Traffic And Be Updated By Using Ping Services

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Pinging your website, blog or feed is a great Free way to get traffic.

Here is a list of sites that offer ping service for you to use. Simply submit your your site or feed to these ping services when you update or add new content.

You will also find other tips for getting traffic to your Articles and website or blog.

Please use Ctrl+Click if you need To Open the site links in a New Tab Which helps you stay in these site and see more links

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger your ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources,

And for blogger go to and then go to Publicize and Click the option PingShot located at left side below and make it active and of course try the below sites also for pinging...! so,If you find my article helpful, please Leave a comment.

Free Ping Services 

My List Of Ping Services In No Particular Order

Blog Ping for Squidoo Lenses
A ping tool especially optimised for Squidoo Lenses, and and is for notifying the blogosphere when a lens is updated.
My Page Rank
Submit Free lets you submit your URL to 20 popular search engines from one MyPagerank.Net Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank Webmasters, monitor your webpage pagerank
Blog and Ping Tool - Use to Drive Traffic your Blogs and Websites Use to Ping your Blogs and Websites in the best way possible!
Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. is a service which does the hard work for you. We notify all the major blog directories in one go so that everyone knows about your latest blogs. It will not work for some reason if you use the RSS field provided. It does work just fine if you only use the Name and URL fields only.
Automates Ping Blog and Podcast for Free
Feed Shark
Ping your blog, feed, or podcast for free!
Blog pinger - Blog ping service Pingates is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them.
Blog and ping , Blog ping , ping , Blog Search , Speed Test , Rank
Feed Ping
Free Website and Blog Multiple Submission Service - FEED PING Website and Blog Multiple Feed Service
King Ping Your Blog
Update pinging services to get the best results from all the important search engines. It is all automatic, so set it up and forget about it.
Ping 4 Free: Free Blog Ping Service
This site offers a blog ping service that pings well over 100 tested and functioning blog directories (actually 133 at last update). You must register, but registration is totally free.
Syncr Ping Service
Syncr is a Service to Update Different Search Engines That Your Blog or Web Site Has Updated.
Ping over fifty blog services instantly. Pingoat also has an XML-RPC server. Ping services like Technorati, newsgator,feedster.. And other sites to ping
Check out the list below and include it on your blog (WordPress users can modify their ping list on the Control Panel, then Options, then Writing). Please use Ctrl+Click if you need To Open the site links in a New Tab Which helps you stay in these site and see more links.  
Yet another list of 75 pinging services are available at Binh Dot Com. You may check for your self, because some of the entries may be common in both the lists.

Submit Your Site Directly To The Major Search Engines 

Another Free Way To Get Traffic

Add your URL to Google
Share your place on the net with us. We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the internet.
Add your URL toYahoo
Submit a Website or Webpage To Yahoo
Live Search (MSN) URL Submission
Submit your site to Live Search (MSN)
Bing URL Submission
Submit your site to Bing. Generally the web crawler, MSNBot, can find most pages on the Internet. However if your site does not appear on Bing, you can send in the address (URL). Let me know if you find any dead links. Also alert me if you have a problem with any of the Ping Services so that I can take them off of from my List. Feel free to Contact Me if you have any suggestions By comments. I am always looking to add new links. Thanks! Share your links via comments if i miss any links...! Have a nice day....!
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Top 5 Internal Link Building Strategies

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If you are serious blogger you might have known the importance of Internal link bulding.You should build links to internal pages. Building strong internal blog links is very important in terms of SEO. Thus boosting your blog traffic. Internal link building helps to increase pageviews.
1. First of all make sure that your navigation on your web page is spiderable. Use (anchor text ) a text based navigation, or an image based navigation with SEO relevant alt attributes attached to each image link. I recommend you to read about importance of Dofollow blog. 
2. Breadcrumds are a great internal linking tool.Use them for usability and anchor text differentiation.
3. Content links not only tend to have higher click through rate and perceived trust,but are also able to add relevance to a link because of the text.
4. Generate an sitemap for your site. A informative sitemap is useful for your visitors and search engines.
5. Link to the most relevant pages on important pages of your website. Always try to link to important pages on every topic relevant page on your website.Try adding Related post widgets in Blogger |WordPress this help easy navigation to related articles within your site.
I hope this post will be useful to boost your blog pageviews and blog traffic.
Please post your valuable feedback through comments.
Have a nice day....!
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