A Little History on Sonic the Hedgehog

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Sonic the Hedgehog was created in the 90’s to replace Sega’s fading mascot, Alex Kidd. Sonic wasn’t the only character in the running, but he won out the others with this speedy legs and mischievous ways. Some of his competitors were Mighty the Armadillo and Ristar, neither of whom have really been heard of. Just goes to show that Sonic was the best choice. His bright cobalt blue coloring was intended to match Sega’s logo color.

Over the years Sonic’s character has essentially stayed the same, but his looks have been adapted by the various artists. He’s started out short and childlike, with a round body and stubby quills. A few years later he was taller, with longer legs and a slimmer body, with longer spikes and green eyes.

Nearly every year there has been a new release of a Sonic the Hedgehog game, some years there have been more than one game released. In 1991 the first Sonic game was released by Sega for their Genesis game system. The game also introduced Dr. Eggman, the villain in the story. Sonic 2 came next and introduced Super Sonic and his sidekick, Spin Dash. Tails also made his debut in this game. Only a year later Sonic CD was released. In this game Sonic has a girlfriend, Amy Rose, and gamers also met Metal Sonic, who becomes significant as Sonic’s counterpart.

Game 3 the plot thickens and Sonic has to travel through time and space as he and Tails fight DrRobotonik and save the world. In the fourth game Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles and Echidna to fight against Sonic. Sonic has to fight them before he can help them see the error of their ways.

The Sonic games that followed were minor games, and the Sonic rage quieted down for a bit. In 1998 Sonic Adventure was released, and was as big as any of the other Sonic games. Now into the 2000’s there have been more “hit” Sonic the Hedgehog games. In the 2000’s Sonic also became playable on Nintendo handheld devices, and subsequent handheld devices.

Of course, Sonic is also playable on the internet. You can find a host of online Sonic the Hedgehog games that will allow you to play Sonic on many portable electronic devices. Many of the websites are free, and offer a great way to check out the new games and storylines of the much loved hedgehog.


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