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How to Root SGS 3

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the fastest selling phone from Samsung and a direct competitor to big smartphone daddies like Apple iPhone 4S and HTC One X. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a featured stuff phone with a hell lot of jaw dropping features. What if you could enjoy these features at their best? Well you can do so, all what you need to do is just root your device. So, here we have a tutorial that will teach you How To Root Samsung Galaxy S 3. The tutorial is quite simple, all what you need is to just follow the tips quite carefully because rooting is a sophisticated process.

Note : As I have mentioned that rooting is a sophisticated process, so I suggest you to perform this tutorial under the guidance of an experienced person. Also, rooting will completely end your device’s warranty. Last but not the least make sure you have backed up everything before following this tutorial; also make sure that your phone is having at least 70% of remaining battery.

USB Debugging should be enabled. Setting>Developers Option> USB Debugging.

Disclaimer : If anything happens to your device then we should not be held responsible for the damage done.


Step 1 – Download Odin3 v1.85 and CF-Root 6.3 on your computer, then extract them and save them anywhere on your computer.

Step 2 – Now switch of your phone and restart it in the downloading mode, to do so, press and hold Vol Down + Home + Power together.

Step 3 – Now connect your SGS 3 to your computer, and then start the downloaded Odin3 v1.85 on your computer.

Step 4 – If your phone will be detected by  the Odin, the PDA button will turn yellow otherwise you need to try again.

Step 5 – Click the button and browse to the CF-ROOT-SGS3-v6.3.tar file that we extracted in Step 1.

Step 6 – Last but not the least, make sure you uncheck the repartition under options.

Step 7 – Now just press the start button and wait for the process to complete.

Step 8 – Once the process is completed, the phone will again reboot but this time it will reboot in the ClockworkMod Recovery mode and rooting process will start and in case it doesn’t something went wrong. Don’t worry, just need to follow this tutorial from Step 2. 

Features of Samsung Galaxy S 3
Samsung Galaxy S 3 offers you a lot of features, as I have mentioned above. The Samsung Galaxy S 3 comes with Android v4.0.4, Exynos 4212 Quad chipset and 1.4GHz quad core processor. The fun just doesn’t stop here with Samsung Galaxy S 3, it has got an 8MP primary camera with a 1.9MP secondary camera. Screen size too is good, 4.8 inch with pixel density of 306ppi. The data connectivity features too are good – it supports 4G, EDGE, GPRS, HSUPA, HSDPA, Bluetooth, NFC etc. Last but not the least, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 is having 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Nancy. Nancy is a professional blogger and freelancer who’s living in the United Kingdom from last 15 years. Nancy is currently doing an internship program

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Microsoft's New Tablet, Not For The Aesthetically Challenged

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New Tablet of Microsoft's

So, the new tablet by Microsoft called the Microsoft Surface Tablet for windows RT is a breathtaking specimen of both design and technology. Whoever said Microsoft was boring before in terms of design needs to take a look at this and take their words right back. However, fair warning, those who can’t appreciate the artistic elegance of the device would be wasting their time. If you’re a conventional techie, maybe you should take a few art classes before being able to appreciate the dazzle of the device.

Waiting for Windows 8
The tablet is made especially for Windows 8, which means, you guessed it, that it won’t be hitting the market or your hands any time before the release of Windows 8. It does, however, run Windows RT well and is sporting very good specs.

Let’s start with a description of what it looks like. It has a magnesium chassis, vapour deposition coating, fresh sharp edges, and comes in some great colors. Magnesium is the theme plating this time since the cases for the cameras, stereo speakers, and microphones are all cased in an alloy of it.

Size and sizeability
As a tablet should be, it’s thin and easy to carry. The display measures a good 10.6 inches but not to worry, it’s not all screen. The edges have about half an inch of the bezel which allows enough room to hold the tablet without fingerprinting the screen.

Oh and Specs…
For the tech savvy, who are actually interested in the tech of it all, the specs aren’t bad at all. It weighs in at about 676 grams and about 9.3mm thick. The display is ClearType HD. Battery power is good with a MicroUSD slot, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video and 2x2MIMO antenna for WiFi. Though admittedly, there are a significantly less number of ports.  The processor has not been disclosed yet but chances of it being a Tegra 3 are pretty high.

Hardware too
As far as hardware is concerned, Microsoft, usually nonchalant when it comes to this sort of stuff. But this time around, we can discern how the company took a step in and attempted to fix things of its own accord and not just leave things to OEMS (original Eqipment Manufacturers). This is the explanation of why Surface is a tangent off the previous devices.
The hardware changes Microsoft has brought about aren’t available anywhere else. They are designed specifically for the tablet and thus are unlikely to be seen on an Android tablet anytime soon. Think of it as a textile designer finally breaking out of the mold and creating the final product themselves, instead of handing it over to the tailor or seamstress. Definitely a bold step on Microsoft’s part. Let’s see how far it goes.

The Exciting Cover
The cover serves two purposes; it works as a screen cover and a touch keyboard that attaches itself using magnetic technology. For those who don’t want the touch type, a conventional keyboard/cover is available too but it will be a bit heavier (5 mm instead of 3mm) then the touch one. The attachable covers come in 5 colors (pink, white, red, blue, and black).  Everything about it screams portable and trendy. The chicness of the touchpads are enough to get anyone worked up into a frenzy of excitement (well, the women for sure at least).

The Seduction
From checking out what Microsoft came up with, it is fair to say that those who like their devices to be funky and bright will have a blast. People are finding themselves attracted to the tablet not because it has some amazing way to dispel computer monitoring software or a keyboard that no keylogger app can dig itself into. Instead, the colors, the cuts, the flair is hypnotizing people into the tablet experience. Microsoft hasn’t done anything that a French fashion designer wouldn’t. Of course, you need some aesthetics to be able to appreciate that fully.

Author Bio
Jane Andrew is a writer and guest blogger
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Apple Enters in Cell-Phone Map and Navigation, Should Google be Threatened?

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Apple hopes its rumoured mapping service for the iPhone and iPad will

Every person that holds a smart-phone uses one main application for maps and navigation and that is Google Maps. Google has had a competitive advantage over all smart-phones even Iphone as every phone is bundled with Google’s maps and navigation applications.
Apple and Google are major competitors and they try to beat each other in every possible way, either by launching new applications or new operating systems, their competition is quite interesting and to make matters more versatile Apple has just announced that all it’s smart-phones won’t be carrying Google Maps after fall, they’ll be using Apple’s own map application and this will be available in Iphone 5 and for software updates to make it available to pre-iPhone users.

Apple considers maps and navigation something very important and considering Google has ruled over the map mobile market they perhaps are right. But now the basic question that needs to be given thought is if Apple’s map service will be better than Google’s – a question every Average Joe Android spy is asking. 

We all know Apple to be a fierce competitor, coming out with new ideas and innovations but then Google is also the king of innovations. If in case Apple’s map service fails to provide the same service as Google’s many users might leave their Iphone’s for the reigning Android smart-phones. Although this belief might seem dense it is actually possible. People who travel a lot, either businessmen or service providers need map applications to tour around and reach their destinations. We shouldn’t question Apple’s fidelity deeply, considering if it does bring about a map application that is better than Google’s then they might be in trouble.
According to an analyst in Creative Strategies if Apple does succeed in building a better map service it will give more worth to the Iphone as user’s these days try to go forth and try things that are new and interesting.

Apple’s news about entering the map world wasn’t a big revelation, Apple has been buying quite a lot of firms that indulge in map services and it has also taken security rights over places in more than hundred countries. Even though Apple is working hard towards accomplishing its goal it’s still quite a long way to go. Considering Google’s example it has spent millions of dollars in perfecting its map services and deployed technology and resources that have baffled the consumers. Google’s street view was a pleasant shocker to all the map users and since then Google maps has reigned over the map application world. Apple will definitely find it very hard to come up with something that’s better than Google’s idea or even try to replicate it.

Apple might still be able to surprise its users. Although it hasn’t done a lot of work as yet it is still known for coming up with products. Although the cost of starting a map service and making it possible for consumers will have a cost that is estimated to be around $1 billion, Apple might just make it or else suffer from a great loss.

Although Google has it’s own map service and that is available in all Android phones it was still quite profitable to reign over a competitors product. Google already has different competitors considering Microsoft is venturing into mapping using it’s Bing search service and Nokia is adhering to map facilities given by Yahoo, they still have a long way to go before they reach the same rank as Google’s. The only question left now is if Apple will be able to beat all these competitors and reach Google in time.
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Why Next-Generation Touchscreen Devices Could Have ‘Physical’ Buttons

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Have you ever thought how you will react if physical buttons simply appeared on your touchscreen devices from nowhere. You will definitely be surprised to find the screen inflated with buttons – something that is not normally associated with touchscreen devices.

If you want to check out home phone and internet packages to find the ones that best suit your needs, you will also be interested in knowing the devices that you can use to access the internet. Touchscreen devices have become quite popular recently. There are a number of tablets, eBook readers and mobile devices you can choose from. You can send text messages and even dial numbers on a touchscreen mobile device the same way as you do using your normal cell phone.

Although touchscreen devices have no buttons, you can still do all the functions without difficulty. This concept however is going to be changed by Tactus Technology – a company based in California. The latest technology introduced by this company allows physical buttons to appear on the touchscreen devices as and when needed. If you need to use your device to text or dial your friend, the special Tactile Layer will help the buttons appear on the screen.

This technology is magical in the sense that the buttons will only appear for the time you are actually using the device. Once you finish your work and your device is no longer in use, the buttons will disappear or go back inside the device. This concept can be used on a variety of touchscreen devices including mobile devices, tablets and eBook readers.

A decade back, no one ever imagined that devices can work without physical buttons. The arrival of touchscreen devices did change this perception and there are people who still miss the physical buttons. They would love to see the raised buttons on their favorite touchscreen devices in the future. As mentioned earlier, this wish will be fulfilled by the innovative technology launched by Tactus Technology.

If you feel your fingers are too big and cause problems when you use the touchscreen, you will have to wait to get your hands on a touchscreen device that has buttons and dials. This technology will definitely make your device much easier to navigate and use.
The best thing about this new technology is the fact that the physical buttons don’t leave behind marks or traces after they disappear from the screen. Technically, you will think that there must be marks or indications on your touchscreen device to highlight areas where buttons had appeared earlier. But the recent display of this new technology showed that the buttons leave no traces after they go back in the device. This feature is mainly due to the use of microfluidic technology.

The buttons that appear on your device will give you the same experience as if you were using a keyboard for the same task. What more will this technology offer? While the concept is still in its early phase, there are endless options when it comes to deciding the applications that will benefit with the use of this technology.

This concept can be used in Smartphones, remote controls, medical devices, navigation equipment, gaming devices, laptops, eBook readers and automobile displays. A large number of complex equipments used in the industries can also benefit from this latest technology.

Majority of internet users are interested to check out home phone and internet packagesand prefer to use a device that gives them good visual experience every time they use the web. Although touchscreen devices give you an enriched web experience, your experience can be messed up if the device is touched at the wrong place.

Most users also complain that the touchscreen devices don’t give them a tactile experience that increases the chances of making a mistake. You’ll only wish that there was a touchscreen with sleek buttons, so that you can rest your fingers on top of it.

If you are looking for an innovative solution that can resolve all your issues related to the absence of physical buttons on touchscreen devices, you have to check out the groundbreaking concept launched by Tactus Technology. Once integrated into a device, this technology will make sure you never sacrifice on the tactile experience again.

About the Author:

the above article is written by Roxanne Peterson

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Top 5 Cloud based services that are free to use

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Free cloud based services are rare to find, but they are not non-existent. The paid cloud services can be quite expensive, especially if we are not using the all the features that they are providing and the data that we are storing in the cloud is not too much. If you are looking for a free cloud service and have not been able to fine a single one yet, then you need not panic, as here is a list of the top 5 cloud based services that are free to use. Take a look at them and you can use them for storing your data.

Elastic Compute Cloud service by Amazon
This is a service that has been started by the Amazon to entice people to use their other services. The services are rendered free of cost for one complete year and among the loads of other things that you get free of cost with this service, the 30GB internet data transfer and the 5GB Amazon S3 storage are the most enticing. After you have used the service for a year and you wish to continue with it, you need to pay a nominal fee.

SkyDrive by Windows Live
Microsoft is not far behind when it comes to cloud storage and this service is one of the best that is present in the market. The user has the freedom to store data upto 25GB free of cost and that is a colossal space for storage. The user interface is friendly and interactive and the file saving method is exceedingly simple.

This is another site that enables free cloud storage and it is impeccable. There is a Free Lite version that is present that enables you to send files that are upto 100MB to whomsoever you like and I feel that, this is more that anyone can ask for. If you want to send files that are larger than this, then you need to have a Pro account, which is a paid account. That will enable you to send files that are as large as 2GB in one go.

Google Apps
This list is incomplete without Google Apps. The service is simple, easy to use and most importantly, you need not pay a penny for it. There is everything that you need in the form of these Google Apps and once you have made use of the apps you will realize that you cannot really do without them. There are documents, tables, spreadsheets, pictures etc that you can share with the service.

This service is distinct from the others as you get a free online system complete with a virtual desktop with it. There are a variety of things that you can do and the most outstanding of them all is the free online cloud storage. You can create all your documents and files with the help of the tools that are provided by the service and then store in the same place.

These are the top 5 cloud based services that are free for use. There are paid accounts for all these services as well, but you will need them only in case you require a huge amount of space for data storage, which is unlikely. 

This guest post is written by Gupta Sumit aka Sumoni HFG, who is a part time blogger and author at  TheGeeks Club and concentrates mainly on iOS apps and Phone comparision, get in touch with me on twitter @ sumonigupta

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10 Best Online Meeting and Conferencing Tools for Businesses

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When you want to hold an online meeting or a web conference, you need business tools that will let aid you in your task rather than frustrate you.  These 10 will help you get the job done without a hitch. You can run any of these using internet dongles.

1 - Infinite Conferencing
Infinite Conferencing is an incredible tool that allows you to host a web conference instantly. You can also log into the meeting room early and prepare for the meeting beforehand. This ensures that everything goes according to plan and that there are no hiccups when the meeting takes place.

Using Infinite Conferencing, you can invite up to 1000 attendants with a simple email. One great feature in Infinite Conferencing is the record tool. You can easily record your conference, allowing those who missed the meeting to watch it.

2 – InterCall
In all honesty, InterCall is quite an impressive program with a plethora of features. You can set up demos, quickly configure the software, use instant messaging, invite people on the fly and create an instant conference. Best of all, the program is mobile, allowing up to 124 attendants to join in from their smartphones.

3 – ClickMeeting
ClickMeeting is a powerful program that allows you to host a web conference with up to 1000 people. Not only can you set up a conference with your employees, you can have a web conference with those not employed by your company. The interface is exceptionally easy to use and well laid out. Best of all, the program can be bought for $8.

4 – Adobe Connect Pro
Adobe Connect Pro is a great program that allows for fluid web conferencing and online meetings. Security is one problem that many online meeting and web conferencing tools face. However, one of the best things about Adobe Connect Pro is that the program is exceptionally secure. You can share the contents of your screen and even files without worrying about intrusions.
5 – MegaMeeting
MegaMeeting takes online meetings to new levels. The best feature this program offers is that it is a browser-based program. No user has to download the program and spend time configuring it just to have a meeting. This lets the host of the meeting or conference to quickly create and host the meeting with virtually anyone.

6 – WebConCentral
WebConCentral is one of the most secure web conferencing tools available in the market today. This program is even used by government due to its effective security. Furthermore, the program can handle up to 35 people (including video streams) without a problem.
The built-in messenger program allows attendants to chat (when allowed). Your chat can even be made private, allowing you to talk to another attendant without worrying about other people viewing the message.

7 – GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting is a simple web conferencing and online meeting program that allows you to create meetings in literally the blink of an eye. The program is straightforward and simple to use. This is a huge advantage if you need to set up an emergency meeting. Joining the conference is even easier.

8 – Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft is a name that practically everyone knows about. Microsoft has now expanded its reach into web conferencing. Although Microsoft Office 365 lacks a few features, it is very powerful. Above all, the program is very simple to use, offering an interface that is one of the simplest ever.

9 – WebEx
WebEx is an online meeting and web conferencing program designed by Cisco. To put it simply, the features are rich and intuitive, the interface is well designed and the features are ever increasing. Best of all, the meetings can be recorded and sent to employees who missed the meeting. Additionally, you can even send documents to your attendants in real-time.

10 – FUZE Meeting
FUZE Meeting is a very simple web conferencing tool that allows you to host and join a web conference from practically any device. This is because the program is browser based. All you and your attendants have to do is go to the site and start conferencing.
These tools allow you to have online meetings and web conferences easily. All you need is an internet connection. You can even use an internet dongle. You can get all the info you need about broadband dongles

About the Author:                
The above article is researched and written exclusively by Roxanne Peterson

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Techinline- Remote Desktop Software

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Remote Desktop Software - everybody at this point whether or not you're a student, employers, employees, housewives would invariably want access to a laptop at any time, wherever you're, for the applying Software Remote Access is meant to produce opportunities for each personal laptop,pc computer or notebook computer will access to a computer that held anywhere within the entire web site will connect with a web affiliation.

What is Remote Access?
Remote Access may be a software that permits every to be ready to access personal computers that they need from different computers as if they were sitting in front of the pc at their disposal. Remote Access application is extremely helpful for each personal, business, technical support, or facilitate desk team.

What are the advantages of the Remote Access software?
Remote Desktop Software is extremely helpful for each personal to be constantly connected to every laptop they have at any time from anywhere in times of need. If you are within the house just the once and forget one thing in your workplace, you'll directly log in using Remote Desktop Software and can immediately get the knowledge you wish on the spot.
The same conditions can occur if you're within the workplace where you're employed and suddenly want one thing on the pc in Your Home. Thus with Software Remote Access you'll log into laptop laptop LAN networks anywhere in your home are Remote Desktop Software.

Is the facilitate Desk team during a company will profit of Remote Access?
Yes, the Remote Access program can give vital advantages for Team facilitate Desk during a company, as a result of they're going to be ready to get into your laptop, after all with the permission from you, to produce support whenever there's a haul that happens on the pc you're using in order that you may have alittle downtime and no got to watch for somebody to go to you directly.

Can I do the difficulty shoot likewise as through Remote Access?
Yes, of course. With Remote Access Software, currently no downside you'll access any laptop from wherever you're. If your workplace laptop problematic at midnight once you are already within the house, then you'll perform repairs remotely through Remote Desktop Software is.

Remote Access          
Techinline Remote Desktop is an application that permits us to attach to remote desktop with ease from anywhere just by employing a internet browser. What we'd like to run this application may be a sensible net affiliation and net Explorer browsers. For native computer we've got to register 1st on the positioning of this application. whereas the computer consumer applications solely got to open the positioning and record the identification variety that may be told on the native computer.

After this each regionally and consumer is connected via an equivalent web site where the distinction is that the native computer can begin the session whereas the consumer can be a part of the session. Menus are on the market for the native computer isn't too complicated as a laptop for remote operation there's an choice to read the remote desktop or complete management of the desktop. after all they need to get permission from the consumer computer 1st. At the native operating space, we are able to menshare native show and management the desktop computer to consumer computer notwithstanding the consumer computer doesn't have an account.

There is one factor to recollect if the remote laptop using windows vista ie UAC feature that may stop us to vary the setting that's protected by the feature. This application permits us to settle on 3 choices show image quality is average, sensible and glorious. There also are choices scale auto and auto scrolling when the remote monitor larger than the native computer.

So do i would like on my laptop using Remote Access software?
If you're currently located within the state is often necessary to access the knowledge on your laptop at Home, workplace otherwise you invariably have to be compelled to travel, then it's time to be considering using Remote Access application that may support to any facilitate your work.
Overall this Remote Access application is extremely straightforward to use and works all right. This application additionally works in web-based thus there's no registry that's written or installer ought to run.

Pricing details
Here we can have two kinds of services which Techinline offers us. The first which starts at the cost of 30$/month which has unlimited usage of prepaid plan with any number of connections.The second plan is like pay them whenever you use its services, It also provides a 15 days free trial for the first time users.

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Brand Marketing Via Internet: Viral Opportunities For Your Brand

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The internet is much like the local spot in your community where everybody who is anybody hangs out; only it is much bigger with millions of users, reaches across the world, and includes billions upon billions of websites to hang out on. This huge meeting place provides so many different opportunities for your business, and your brand. Using it correctly to harvest its extraordinary power is the way to climb to success in the internet brand marketing world. You must know what users want, how they want it, and what will entice them to come and get it. Without a good call to action, those exposed to your marketing efforts may not yield very impressive results.

Social Media: The Hottest Place For Brand Marketing In 2012

Social media is widely used, as many users of the internet have some sort of a social media account. If you are considering social media, then your choice marketing platforms could be Facebook, Myspace, Myyearbook, dating websites, Linked-In, Youtube, Twitter, and many others. Social media assists your brand in going viral, or spreading rapidly from user to user when shared in other words. This viral effect has made social sites a prime target for nearly any company, business, product, and brand. Since users of these sites are going to share almost anything that interests them, it is your job to create a marketing campaign that will attract the attention of your audience, and cause them to want to share your brand, product, or business with their friends. Doing so will result in tons of free advertising for your brand. You should also make your brand as unique as possible, and set it apart from your generic competition.

Blogs And Their Power

Blogs have also evolved into social media hybrids, allowing users to communicate with their individual blogs and commenting systems. Blog are different from typical social media, in that it allows you to share full article entries for the benefit of your brand. These can then be shared across social media sites; if you are writing entries to share with other social sites, you should ensure that you write articles loaded with helpful information, which users will feel obligated to share with their friends. Creating useful, unique, and interesting content is the best way to increase your traffic.

Offline Tactics Still Hit Home, and Can Be Used To Boost Web Marketing

Of course, many offline tactics still reach large audiences. You can give them a reason to visit your website, boosting your online marketing efforts. Phones are still the most common form of communication between people; not the internet. You can obtain free 08 numbers like those from 08direct in order for your interested audience or clients to reach you via telephone. Even then, you can redirect them to your website. Use any and all marketing tactics (not just online efforts) to increase your online web branding efforts in order to take your web branding to a whole new level.
This is a guest post by Sarvesh. He writes on the behalf of 0800numbershop, your one stop place for 0800 numbers.

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iPhone Application Development Helps Businesses To Rise Above Competitors

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Application development for the iPhone is becoming a tried and tested method for gaining a lead over your competitors, interest from your targeted audience, loyalty from your current customers, and residual advertising over the course of its availability to the public. You can develop applications for many different uses and purposes, opening up a world of opportunity for businesses who have yet to hit the iPhone’s application market. With the wide variety of ways to use iPhone applications, you can easily help your business to come closer to outranking your competition simply by offering your new application to your customers, and theirs!

Why iPhone Applications Have Become So Popular

iPhone application development has become a big business, especially with corporate enterprises and game developers. The iPhone application store is populated by a majority of iPhone users, all browsing for useful, fun, interesting, or necessary applications for their phone. Applications are able to help users multitask, easily locate items or information, provide entertainment and creativity, save them money, and of course many will make life much easier in general. Thus, iPhone users always want to download applications that they will find handy. They may decide to download a price comparison application while shopping, or a fun game while waiting in a doctor’s office. Either way, this could your application that’s being downloaded!

How Developing An Application Benefits Your Business

Application development is beneficial to a business because it keeps you in touch with your users. For example an ecommerce store application can offer updates, sales information, coupons, and other important messages that you would like your customers to receive. These sort of applications should also offer other special features, such as special discounts or promotions for those who actively use the application. This would increase the usage and downloads of your application, improving its popularity with your targeted audience. This will offer you a lead in front of competitors, especially if they have yet to develop a custom application for themselves. You want to make your brand name the first one to come to mind when your customers are thinking of the services or products that your business offers. When your audience is capable of downloading your application to satisfy their needs, they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors’. As you can easily see, this can be incredibly beneficial for profit, popularity, and business growth. Keeping this in mind, popular spread betting broker City Index allows its customers to access everything from its iPhone
spread betting app and enables them to carry out operations right from their iPhone.

How To Get Your Own Customized iPhone Application

Usually, many businesses will hire an application development business, or an independent application developer, to build their application for them. This is the most popular method, as developers are fully trained and educated in the development of applications, producing one that is professional and fully functional. Another less popular option is to develop the application yourself. This can be extremely complicated, as you would need to learn how to develop them, or become familiar with application development software. This can take more time than it may be worth, so many quickly go to hiring a developer instead. They can work with you to build a fully customized application for your business needs, so you can work on other important tasks.

This post is contributed by our guest author who writes for City Index, a leading financial spread betting company.

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Camera Battery Charger – Some Essential tips for its Usage

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What is the use of a pen without ink, the same applies to camera without a battery. The feeling is almost the same because either ways both the ends go hand-in-hand. Over the years, thanks to the technological advancements in the field of cameras, we now have far better cameras having batteries, which don’t discharge soon. Now you can charge a battery for approximately 3-4 times before finally disposing it. Additionally once the battery is charged it would last for a longer interval. If you have decided to get a new camera, then don’t forget to get a charger for camera, as it would be the first you would need before you actually start taking pictures. The cameras which have been launched in the recent times, do not require the user to keep replacing the batteries, as they can be charged using a USB port.

Generally experts recommend users to make the best use of charger for camera whenever possible. In case you lost the charger or it has been damaged due to any possible reason, you need to immediately contact the manufacturer and get a new one. You need to avoid using compatible chargers at the first place because they can potentially harm the functioning of the camera. Generally you would not be able to use the charger in the camera which is non-compatible but if you are able to use, then you are knowingly risking the life of your camera, which would be a bad deal because a charger for camera wouldn’t cost you much but the same doesn’t apply to camera. Additionally it would take far longer time to charge the camera. Always prefer the original batteries and chargers, as they would prolong the life of the camera.

Most of the people are happy with their digital cameras but are always discontented when it comes to batteries, because it always runs out and they have to run pillar to post in order to charge them. However, if you start using high quality batteries, then you can be assured that the batteries won’t run out soon and you would be able to save lots of money in return. You would not have repeatedly save money or waste time in their purchase rather look for a charger and charge them when needed without any hassle.

A charger for camera would not cost you much and moreover it will be the best friend of your camera and will come in use whenever your camera needs it. Regardless of the type of camera you are expecting to purchase, you must necessarily focus on its charger and batteries.

This post is contributed by our guest poster. He writes for Digiquick. Check out Digiquick for all the latest camera and camcorder batteries.

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Printers that work with iPad

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AirPrint is one of the most attention seeking features of the iPad and why not, afterall, it lets you print directly from your iPad, iPhone and iPad with the help of a printer that has WiFi connectivity without the use of any other app or software. Not all printers can be use for this purpose as there are certain specifications that the printer needs to have to be compatible with the AirPrint feature. The list of the printers that work with the iPad has been mentioned below.

HP Photosmart eStation
A printer with a futuristic design that will make your knees go weak, the HP Photosmart eStation is compact and chic. The print produces photos of unimaginable quality and it doubles as an automatic duplexer as well as a fax machine. This is not all as you can control the printer with the touchscreen controller that comes along with it. This controller is detachable and can function as a separate tablet when not used with the printer. The only downside of the printer is that there is no slot for a USB key.

HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One
Another printer from HP that is not as good looking as the previous one that I mentioned but it is an ideal performer. The connectivity options of the printer are impeccable and there is an 8.9 inch touchscreen for the purpose of controlling the printer. There is a paper tray as well as a photo input tray. The note worthy feature of the printer is that it uses high yield cartridges and thus the ink consumption is low and in case they do get over you can get the cartridges at discounted rated by using the 4inkjets coupon codes and the 123inkjet coupon. The only thing that I found to be a little disheartening is that the printer does not have the auto duplex option.
HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One. The printer looks decent and is petite as well. The output is of a very high quality and when this is combined along with the WiFi then you can get anything in the form of a hard copy. This is the enhanced version of the previous model that I reviewed and thus it has the auto duplexing feature as well. The user interface of the printer is not really easy to use and this just makes everything go kaput. Overall, the printer is above average, but they need to make it more user friendly.

HP Photosmart D110 e-All-in-One
This model of HP is not just a printer as it performs additional functions in the form of copying and scanning. The speed of the output is commendable, but there are a few lows with respect to this printer, the most important being that it does not have a good paper capacity tray. Thus it needs refilling at regular intervals. Apart from this, the WiFi connectivity is good and so are the other connectivity options. The printer is best suited for personal or home use and can be avoided by big houses.

LaserJet Pro CP1525
The LaserPro CP1525 is a laser printer that is sure to stun you with its beauty and performance. It has commendable wireless as well as wired connectivity. The printer produces high quality print outs and has a single sheet manual bypass tray that speaks volumes for it. It is slightly pricey and the negative is that it is that the printing process is painfully slow.

The best part of these printers is not just the fact that they are compatible with the iPad, but also that the cost of each print is reduced as you can get the cartridges for the same at discounted rates if you make use of the 4inkjets coupon codes or the 123inkjet coupon that is present on the internet.

Author Bio:
Linda loves writing about technology.
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Wish You All A Advance Happy New Year 2012

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New Year Wishes

With the clock striking 12 o'clock on the 31st December you start expressing you joy and happiness to welcome New Year. You convey New Year wishes not only to your loved ones but to every person to meet on this eve. Make your New Year wishing in unique way by sending quotes, proverbs and poems to all your near and dear ones. 

Famous New Year Wishes

Quotes on New Year are the most popular and classic way to convey your happiness. Here are some very popular New Year messages for you to add with the gifts and greetings.

  • We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day.
    - Edith Lovejoy Pierce
  • A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to the world!
    - Charles Dickens
  • He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool.
    - F. M. Knowles, A Cheerful Year Book
  • The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.
    - G. K. Chesterton
  • Of all sound of all bells, the most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year.
    - Charles Lamb 
  • We meet today
    To thank Thee for the era done,
    And Thee for the opening one
    - John Greenleaf Whittier
  • For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.
    - T. S. Eliot
  • Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
    With never a thought of sorrow;
    The old goes out, but the glad young year
    Comes merrily in tomorrow
    - Emily Miller
  • Glory to God in highest heaven,
    Who unto man His Son hath given;
    While angels sing with tender mirth,
    A glad new year to all the earth
    - Martin Luther
  • Each age has deemed the new born year
    The fittest time for festal cheer
    - Walter Scott
  • Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.
    - Benjamin Franklin
  • This bright New Year is given to me to live each day with zest, to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best!
    - William Arthur Ward

New Year Greetings Wishes

You would like to text the wishes for New Year and spread the feeling of good health, fortune and joy to all your friends and colleagues. Here are some very cute New Year wishes -

  • May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life. 
  • When you're lonely, I wish you Love! When you're down, I wish you Joy! When you're troubled, I wish you Peace! When things seem empty, I wish you Hope! Have a Happy New Year! 
  • May the dawning of this New Year, fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows. May you have a great New Year. 
  • As the new year blossoms, may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love! Happy New Year! 
  • Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others.
 And Last But Certainly Not The Least One.....! I Wish You All A Happy New Year :)
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5 Android Apps for Bloggers

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Blogging is now a passion for all the people. Some use it for their personal lifestyle, some go professional, some people blog to get their pocket money. But it’s not always possible to post or manage your blog from a computer. So here are the 5 best Blogging Apps for Bloggers.

Wordpress is the most used blogging CMS on web. Wordpress recently launched its Android App on the Android marketplace to have its users use it on mobile. You can do everything from the App. So what are you waiting for, get it from the Android Marketplace.

Google's blogger is one of the most used platform for simple blogs. Make everything out of your blogger blog from your mobile phone. Get the app for your Android Phone and start posting your Blogger Blog.

Google Analytics
Check your blog or website's analytics anywhere from your Android Device. Get the G-Analytics app is still in it's beta version and soon will be adding much more features. The app supports charts, secure login with android account manager, Current Stats etc..

Adsense Dashboard
As every blogger, you too would be earning from your blog from Google Adsense. So start checking your Adsense Estimated Earnings, Finalized Earnings, Page RPM anywhere with this app.

Manage multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. From a single dashboard. Hootsuite makes that possible for you. And now it has released its Android App to get connected wherever you are. You can schedule your messages for future. Shorten the links with

About the Author:
This is an article written by Vikas Bhatt, who runs an Android Blog

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5 Way To Improve Your Website's SEO

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Search Engine optimisation has become so famous amongst bloggers.  One, bloggers want to improve their SEO to gain them more traffic. More importantly, two, most bloggers still don't know know the most effective way to improve SEO on a blog. There are many ways our there to improve SEO. However, most of them will not make as big a difference as you would have expected. This is why I am going to highlight to the top 5 ways to improve your website's SEO. 

A Keyword Rich Introduction
Keywords are crucial to improving your SEO especially in the introduction. It is the first bit of text search engines see. To give you an example, look at my introduction. Below, I have highlighted all keywords I could possibly associate with SEO in websites:

Search Engine Optimisation has become so famous amongst bloggers.  One, bloggers want to improve their SEO to gain them more traffic. More important, two, most bloggers still don't know know the most effective way to improve SEO on a blog. There are many ways our there to improve SEO. However, most of them will not make as big a difference as you would have expected. This is why I am going to highlight to the top 5 ways to improve your website's SEO.

You see? The amount of keywords will improve your content's SEO dramatically.

Although commenting don't entirely provide you back links to your site as the link will be no follow, it will still gain traffic and promote SEO. Blogging is about a community. Its not just about injecting content onto the Internet. Remember that. Here is an article I made that might be helpful - 10Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs as a Blogger

Guest Blogging
So you see that no follow links are not the best way to get back links. To get do follow links to your site, you need to guest post on other sites.  Guest blogging is the most effective way to increase SEO. Fact. So do it, like I am now!

Social Media
Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook help to produce organic traffic to your blog promoting SEO. A website that has a strong Twitter base will certainly affect Google's decision on what level page rank to give the website.

Create a Short Snappy Title
Like I have done above for this article, a short, snappy, keyword filled title will make your website rank higher on Google increasing your SEO prescience. The title must describe exactly what your blog is about using as few words as possible.

Using the above points, you can easily improve your SEO of your page websites. A website with better SEO will have a higher Google Page Rank improving your presence on the Internet.

Author Bio : 
Will Green, at the age of 16, created (Blogging and Twitter tips and tricks) by himself clocking in 19,000+ views/month in just 9 months. You can follow him @AskWillOnline.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing FAIL

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Everyone is aware of the fact that it is a hard job to run a business successfully in this competitive world. Businesses are always looking for new ways to promote themselves to the people and generate more revenue and get new clients. There are many ways through which people can promote their business, such as newspapers and television commercials, but sometimes the reach of these measures is not wide enough to generate the desired wave. The introduction of the internet allowed people with the opportunity to connect with millions of people easily, regardless of where they lived in the world. This opportunity to connect with millions of people provided businesses to use this medium to promote themselves. Due to promotion through the internet, social media came into being. The social media tools made communicating with other people more interactive. Business who are hoping to promote themselves to other people and attain success also use social media tools or marketing strategy, but things don’t go as they had planned.

Failing to Properly Understand

One of the reasons that social media marketing will fail for a business is because the people who own the business don’t fully understand what social media marketing is all about. Yes, they develop a website for their business but then they sit and hope that they will get visitors. This is not the case at all. Communication is a two way street and making a website is not enough. A business needs to write interesting and relevant content and give news updates that will attract the attention of the people and urge them to visit the said website. Along with that, answering the questions that customers might have in an appropriate manner is also important to build a good reputation and making the social media marketing strategy a success. The ability to listen to criticism and responding appropriately is also important.

Using too Many Tools
The second reason is that businesses use a lot of social media tools to promote themselves and thus, their whole strategy becomes a failure. Businesses should start small and use only one or two of the available social media tools and work on improving them, rather than using every single tool and undermining their quality. There are examples of businesses that made it big through using the social media tools, but that is not always the case with everyone and one should set realistic goals when it comes to building and implementing a social media marketing strategy.

Thinking that it Guarantees sales
The third reason that social media marketing will fail for businesses is when businessmen fail to understand the basic meaning of the social media tool. Yes, a business can reach millions of people through using social media but what it doesn’t guarantee, are sales. Investing everything in just social media marketing is not a wise thing to do and one should still use traditional promoting methods like newspaper advertisements as well as television commercials to promote their businesses. 
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Best Apps for the Holidays

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There are smartphoneapps for everything these days.  This Christmas season take advantage of holiday apps to help you get and stay organized and maybe have a little fun while you’re doing it

For fun and games kind of apps check out:

Santa Tracker—This app has an Advent Calendar, Countdown feature, Where is Santa? locator, Sightings (kind of like a newsfeed), Santa’s Blog, News, and Send A Letter (email rather) all for $.99.  This is a really cute app for you and your kids to play with during the weeks leading up to the big day.

Grinchmas!—This is another great app to get if you want to get into the Christmas spirit with your kids.  It’s a game where the user plays the role of The Grinch from Dr. Suess’ Who-Ville.  Choose to be the ‘Mean Grinch’ and silence the Whos that are making too much noise by throwing snowballs at the village or choose to be the ‘Merry Grinch’ and throw presents into Who-Ville to make the Grinch’s heart grow bigger. 

To help you with your Christmas shopping take a look at:

Shopkick—Turn on this app before you physically enter one of the stores affiliated with the app (Best Buy, Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, American Eagle, Target, West Elm, Sports Authority and more) and you will be rewarded in just a few seconds.  They’ll send you exclusive deals for those stores and you can collect rewards by scanning certain featured barcodes at different stores in the US. 

The Christmas List—For help organizing your Christmas list this year spend the $.99 and take advantage of this app.  You can organize by store and person, it tracks your budget and the shopping days left.  You can view gifts by store and keep details on gifts like notes, priority, price, store and status. 

Gift Ideas—Is the perfect app for people who struggle to find the right gifts for people.  Through the use of age, relation, personality and search filters, Gift Ideas produces a list of suggestions that is likely to be very suitable. 

Holiday travel apps:

FlightAware—Never go to the airport early or unnecessarily again.  This app has up-to-date airport and flight information.  Check for delayed and cancelled flights before you brave traffic to the airport.

Let the apps do the work for you so you can relax and enjoy the snow this holiday season.  With so many things to take care of during the busy holidays why not get a little help from an app or 6.
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