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Should You Consider a Career in Engineering Technology

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Engineering technology is a quickly growing field in many places, and it can offer a diverse range of potential career opportunities. If you want a job that blends science, mathematics, and evolving technology, you may be able to find it in the engineering technology sector. What exactly does work in this industry look like? Here are some of the important factors for success in this field; use this list to help determine whether you want to pursue a tech engineering career.

Should You Consider a Career in Engineering Technology

Strong Science and Math Skills

Like most engineering fields, engineering technology requires experts to have strong math and science skills. In most cases, the required knowledge extends beyond basic algebra and high-school science. Most university engineering programs require graduates to complete numerous high-level math and science courses, such as calculus, physics, probability, and numerical analysis. Tech engineers may find work in a variety of industries, from production and manufacturing to marketing and project management, so graduates may also need to take specific courses to hone their specializations.

Good Problem-Solving Abilities

In general, engineers must be able to understand complex problems, analyze existing conditions, and come up with workable, realistic solutions that meet budgetary, efficiency, and/or timeliness objectives. Tech engineers must be able to solve problems related to their areas of expertise. For example, a manufacturing quality control tech engineer may need to figure out a way to streamline the production protocols to reduce errors in finished products while also maximizing the output from available materials.

Ability To Break Down and Communicate Complex Topics

Engineering technology can be a good field for mathematicians and scientists who prefer to find practical applications for their expertise instead of working on complex theoretical proofs and abstract discussions. Tech engineers, in particular, will likely spend much of their time figuring out practical ways to apply physics, math, and technology topics to solve real problems or create innovative designs.
Good tech engineers must also be able to work with non-technical team members, managers, clients, and executives throughout projects. For example, a company may employ a tech engineer to communicate project progress to clients and solicit feedback to relay to the engineering and design team. A tech engineer may also assist an executive in understanding the ins and outs of a project's requirements in order to form a realistic budget and timeline.

Willingness To Relocate to Tech-Centric Locations

While there are a variety of possible careers for a tech engineer, they may exist more in some areas of the world than others. Areas with a heavy technology, business, or startup presence may offer more opportunities. The tech engineering pay scale may also vary depending on the physical location of the job.
Being a tech engineer could be a fantastic career for you if you have strong math and problem-solving skills and want to apply them to real-world problems. With the right training, you could be eligible for work in a variety of exciting and growing industries. You could work directly with engineers and designers or serve as a liaison between engineering teams, customers, and project managers. With the demand for technology experts growing, there may be even more job possibilities in the future.
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Stagnant Vending Machine Companies are Turning Around

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Only a few years ago if a pundit had suggested that vending machines were the business of the future, most experts would have laughed. However, today the market is growing. For the longest time the vending machine industry in this country was stagnant.

Automatic vending has always been a huge industry in Japan and some parts of Europe, but it started to stagnate here. Part of that lies in the fact that even top business commentators in the domestic marketplace always assumed that vending machines could only dispense snacks and beverages.

Foreign machines were often geared toward providing a complete shopping experience, and some new domestic start up brands are heading toward this end of the spectrum. They're selling numerous products that people wouldn't have ever thought of being sold out of a vending machine.

Consumers have already seen the rise of movie rental machines, but far more exotic products are on the way. Traditional vending companies are also enjoying their moment, however. Innovations like touch screens and electronic payment systems have really helped to move even stagnant businesses forward.

Creative financing options have helped some of the start up firms, and these programs sometimes baffle those who went through the old fashioned programs. They need new types of MBA students, but all these innovations need other types of experts as well. Vending companies are now looking at technicians who understand IT management and information security, since their vending systems are completely tied to new types of networks.

A few are even looking at possible Web and mobile development technicians, since they want their systems to enjoy the benefits that come with connectivity. Students are rushing to attend UAB Online and other information systems programs so that they can meet the demands of the growing vending industry.

Information systems experts are also needed when it comes to spin off products that these companies are involved in. Check out terminals are becoming extremely common in stores, where people don't want to be bothered by having to go through a traditional register. These systems also rely on networks that need to be developed and maintained.

Regardless of what type of machine vending companies decide to specialize in, they need information systems experts to keep them running smoothly. One might hope that can provide some job security for those who have the skills to keep these businesses afloat. The marketplace is sure to be competitive.
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What to Look For When Upgrading Your TV

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If you buy a good TV set, ideally you will be able to keep using it for many years, before retiring it completely. You may want to upgrade or perhaps relegate it from primary service in the living room so that it can while away its twilight years somewhere else in the house.
What to Look For When Upgrading Your TV

The technology powering TVs has become increasingly complex recently, so there are a significant number of things that you need to look out for when upgrading. Here is an overview of just a few of the major considerations.

Panel Technology
There are two main types of modern TV to choose from when you reduce the decision down to the type of technology that turns the electrical signals into moving images.

The most common is LCD, which is affordable and scalable, allowing it to feature on TVs ranging in size from 15 inches to 40 inches or more.

Plasma TVs represent the second category and remain a more specialist type of home entertainment device, as they are bulkier than LCD screens but allegedly deliver better contrast ratios.

Most modern TVs should be capable of showcasing high definition (HD) content, although there are different standardised HD resolutions on offer that will impact the pixel count on show and thus determine the clarity of the image displayed.

Full HD 1080p is the current top of the tree in terms of TV resolution, although on screens of less than 32 inches you might find that 720p is an acceptable maximum.

In the near future we will start to see the first 4K TVs entering the consumer market and you should use the
resources to find out more about this so-called Ultra HD standard. But for the time being, 1080p remains the benchmark for resolution quality.

3D Capabilities 
Some contemporary TVs are capable of playing back 3D footage, either from a compatible Blu Ray player or a games console.

There are two types of 3D technology on offer, so you will have to pick between the more affordable passive 3D TVs and the costlier but higher quality active shutter 3D experience offered on certain sets.

Of course, some people will be happy with a TV that does not deal in 3D at all, as long as the 2D experience is up to scratch. There are many good 2D TVs on the market and sluggish sales of 3D TVs suggest that this state of affairs will not change soon.

One thing you cannot afford to ignore when upgrading your TV is connectivity because you need all the right inputs to make sure that it is appropriate for your home entertainment setup.

This not only includes things like HDMI ports, but also network connectivity so that you can access on-demand video streaming, social networking services and even full web browsing from the comfort of your sofa.

Check professional and user reviews of prospective TVs before upgrading to get an idea of what to expect. It's also worth comparing prices so that you do not pay more than is necessary.

Bradley Owens is a tech writer and prolific blogger who has worked with a number of outlets over the years to deliver news and opinion to a wide audience. He has harnessed the 
pages to discover information on industry developments.
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Gmail Vs Yahoo Which is The Best to Choose

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There are hundreds of free email service providers but most of them are incompetent at fighting spam and have less inbuilt email functionaliy than the two giants: Google and Yahoo! The Gmail and Yahoo Mail clients are undoubtedly the two most popular free email clients.  These two well-known rivals have been competing with each other for a long time and providing a free & advanced email service to the world.  When we talk about these two popular services, we often ask ourselves the highly controversial question: which one is better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?  So if you are looking for answers to this question then you are in the right place, as that’s what we’re going to cover over the course of this article.

Instant Messaging

Gmail seems to be pretty strong when we talk about the inbuilt integration of Instant Messaging services with email service.  Gmail allows you to quickly send Instant Messages (IM) to online contacts from the sidebar of your inbox, while the instant messaging service provided by Yahoo is not as easily accessible, as Yahoo instant messenger is separate from the Yahoo email service.  In Gmail, you can instantly send chat messages in the form of email to your contacts in the same environment, while in Yahoo, you have to open a new chat bar to chat with your online friends; which some people will find annoying.


When talking about attachments, again, Gmail seems to have a stronger offering.  In Gmail, you can quickly attach a document without switching to a new window, while in Yahoo, you’re forced to go to a separate screen for uploading attachments; which again is undoubtedly annoying for many users. Apart from this, you’re only allowed to attach a maximum of 5 attachments in Yahoo, but Gmail is again a hassle-free option in this situation as you can include as many attachments as you need.

Folder Organization

One way in which Yahoo stands out from Gmail is Yahoo’s ability to organize and manage folders intelligently. With Yahoo mail, you can label and organise folders effectively; no matter how many folders and labels you are using they are always made easily accessible. Although Gmail also allows you to add labels to your folders, its folder organisation is not up to mark and you can often get confused while playing with folders.

Maximum Attachment size

Gmail again comes up trumps against Yahoo when we talk about the maximum attachment size permitted. While in Gmail you can attach a document of up to 20MB, Yahoo email services only allow for a maximum of 10 MB per attachment.

Impact of Brand

The impact of the brand name is probably one of the most appealing reasons for the success and popularity of Gmail. Everyone is following Google’s web products like Google+, YouTube, Google Play, etc. and therefore choosing a separate service for email seems uneasy to various users. So, we believe that Gmail is undoubtedly a winner in professional credibility.


Overall, Gmail seems to be a much more promising email service than Yahoo Mail. It’s professional reputation, flexibility and integration with other Google services makes it a clear winner.  Either way, whichever email service you prefer, do let us know your comments.

Author Bio:
Bill Nixon is a tech enthusiast who keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology and passes security tips onto others. He works for mimecast, visit their web site if you are wondering about email archiving.
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Citrix Monitoring: Take Your Monitoring Into Next Level

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Now a days it had become so important to monitor all the end user experiencing of the complex it services which are being used in the company. Monetizing is so important  In-order to plan,manage buy,deploying the future strategies for the successful organization.

Here comes the Best Monitoring Software to monitor the End User Experience.This Software provides you complete and in-depth insight and analytic  of the end user experience and the behavior when used in the Cittrix Environment.

These days IT companies are using the complex software environments which must have the ability to understand any deviations in the performances between the physical and the virtual desktop user experiencing.

Performance Breakdown by Citrix Server

The Performance and the user's experience with an application can  be delivered via Citrix Monitoring Server Software.
ICA Latency Monitoring
It is so important for very company o find the issues and fix them before the end users start complaining  about them. This ICA Latency Monitoring lets you to monitor for the critcal issues of an application. ICA latency trends over time by citrix server in addition the TCP?IP latency from the Citrix Server to the application Server.

Comparison of the Citrix and Non Citrix

Citrix enables the ability to leverage the application performance monitoring  which includes the response time throughout latency and the end-to-end transaction time of the web,clinet/server and the java applications which are running on he SBC Environment
Will let you for the Identification of the Citrix/RDP servers that a Specific End point which it is connected to.
You will get the complete in-depth insight into the user application usage usability activity and productivity in an SBC environment.
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How to Protect Your iPad from Damage

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How to Protect Your iPad from Damage

It is not surprising to know that millions of people around the world are using iPad for both official and personal purposes. Certainly, iPad is a sleek, user-friendly device that almost everybody in the world would love to have it. But just buying an iPad will not suffice if you wish to enjoy the device for a long time. This is because the gadget is susceptible to several damages such as scratching and dropping. While it takes much efforts and money to buy an ideal iPad, it takes only a second for it to get damage when it slips down from the hand. Therefore, it becomes equally important to protect the device from these risks. In order to do so, you need to take the advantage of the valuable accessories for iPad, which not only safeguard the gadget but make it convenient to use. Just hit the Internet and you will find a variety of iPad accessories exclusively designed for different purposes. So, here are some accessories that you can consider to protect your iPad.

iPad Cases

One of the most vital and protective accessories to consider for your iPad is a case. A case acts as a comprehensive safeguard to keep damages from dropping at bay. There are many types of cases available in the market but some of the most recommended ones are Case Mate iPad cases because they are quite durable, sleek, and affordable.

You can even consider a case with the station, which is equally popular and on offer by Case Mate. If you use such a case, you get the flexibility of using your device in several ways. For example, you can use the device handheld or on the station in a right angle position. If you use such a station case or a strap case, it will aid in keeping the risk of dropping at bay while you are using it. A strap is useful when there is no table top to place the device. In short, investing in stand case for iPad can make your device stand safely in an upright position. Well, for fun, this makes it easy for you to watch movies. Apart from a stand style case, you can even consider wallet style cases that come with soft inner panels. Go for this style if you are often traveling because of its high comfort level. Another kind of case for you to consider is a smooth skin-like silicone rubber case. It ensures a non-slippery grip so that the gadget does not slip from your hand and break.

Back Covers

A cover easily glides around the device but leaves the keypads, touch screen, and ports open so that you can operate smoothly without any hassle. You can find several appealing covers with glassy finish that blends with the protective power, usage convenience, and flexibility. However, you will have to ensure one thing that the cover is light in weight and washable so that you can easily maintain it.

Screen Protectors

If you have not brought a case but have purchased a back cover, this defensive accessory becomes essential to have. This is because a screen protector safeguards your device from damages that take place due to scratches and fingerprints. What’s more to it is that it is very easy to fix the protector sheet on the gadget. Its slim finish tends to trigger a soft ergonomic feel. Anybody who is planning to use the iPad everyday must use a screen protector.

No matter which protective accessory you buy for your iPad, you are bound to obtain the powerful protection as well as the aesthetic appeal of both the gadget and accessory.

Guest Post by Adam Wood who is a tech enthusiast and loves to blog about iPhone and iOS on various blogs like this. He works for Case Mate UK , check out iPad Mini cases from Case Mate.
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Falling Into The Cloud Technology

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Falling Into The Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is the buzzword of the moment, but is cloud hosting always the best option for ecommerce sites? The online gift experience retailer, which has enjoyed a rapid growth in popularity since its launch in 2011, has returned to using a dedicated server hosted by Memset after trying out the cloud and finding it inadequate. What can online businesses learn from the experience of in the cloud?

Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server

There are a number of differences between cloud servers and dedicated servers, which ecommerce business owners need to understand so they can decide which type of hosting is most appropriate for their business.

Cloud servers are designed to be quick and easy to set up. This ease of use makes cloud servers very attractive to new start-ups, who are looking to get their businesses launched with the minimum of hassle. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, require more advanced skills, but they also offer greater control and often provide better reliability and security.

Sharing Space in the Cloud

A cloud server is a virtual server that is spread over many connected physical servers. The network of physical servers, known as the cloud, has a vast amount of resources. The aim of cloud hosting is to spread the hosting of a particular website across the entire cloud, utilizing any available computing power to handle user requests. The flexibility of this approach allows the cloud hosting provider to host many more websites than a provider that allots each user their own dedicated space on a server, which drives down the cost of cloud hosting. Many new online businesses choose to host their site on a cloud server in order to save money.

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

The downside of cloud hosting, as found out, is that sometimes it simply isn’t up to the job of coping with high traffic volumes. This problem is shared by many online businesses as their popularity begins to spike. A sudden upswing in traffic can lead to unexpected downtime, which is the worst possible outcome for an ecommerce site that has been working hard to get noticed on social media or in the press. Persuading web surfers to click through to an ecommerce site only to be greeted by an error or a site that runs at a frustratingly slow speed results in lost sales and severe disappointment for business owners. Traffic levels of other sites sharing the same cloud server can also affect the performance of a site.

Cloud Hosting Case Study –

During its first year in business, attracted a lot of attention thanks to its savvy PR handling and, of course, the quirky experience days that it sells. Once the world started talking about, the cloud server that was hosting the site started to struggle. Tweets from celebrities including Stephen Fry sent huge surges of traffic to, requiring the company to scale up their web hosting.

Although many cloud hosting providers do allow their users to boost their resources to deal with high-traffic periods, this service carries an additional fee. founder Richard Kershaw, who is himself the publisher of web hosting site, says that from now on he will be sticking with dedicated servers for He says that he enjoys having full control over the business’s hosting without experiencing unexpected bills from having to boost cloud server resources.

When to Choose a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server offers higher capacity and greater resources than a cloud server. Busy ecommerce stores that have extremely high load activities due to large numbers of visitors logging on and making purchases may want to consider using a dedicated server instead of a cloud server as their host. A dedicated server guarantees the speed and reliability that are required by a successful ecommerce business.

Jack Harding is a self-proclaimed “computer nerd,” who enjoys researching the latest ecommerce trends. He also enjoys writing about today’s technology to share with others. To experience a busy ecommerce store in action, see

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Ensuring Safe Cloud Computing

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Ensuring Safe Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has excellent benefits and is becoming popular the world over for its ease of access, but is it safe? One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that it is distributed and accessible anywhere--but this can also create security hazards. To ensure safe cloud computing, you need to use reliable identity verification, such as 2 factor authentication (2fa). Without consistent identity authentication, there's no way of knowing whether the person accessing your secured documents is you, or a hacker trying to get data for their own purposes.

There are many online verification solutions for safe cloud computing, and 2 factor authentication is one of the best methods. With this type of online identity authentication, you prove that you are who you say you are with more than one type of authentication. The two factors are "something you know," and "something you have." The something you know is an item of information, like a password or the answer to a preset security question. The something you have is either a one-time pass code or a physical item such as a USB drive or a smart card.

This type of authentication is so safe because it means that you need both keys -- the thing you have, and the thing you know -- to access your data. The identity verification software will not let anyone pass that doesn't have one or the other. Using a USB drive or smart card for the physical item makes things even safer because it means that a hacker would have to physically steal this item from you.

For ease of use, the "thing you have" can also be a one-time only pass code. This means physical items do not have to be exchanged, but it also means the data can only be accessed once with each code. This makes it trivial to identify if someone else has used your code and accessed your data. It also means that you do not have to worry about someone discovering your pass code, because your pass code will only be usable on one occasion regardless.

As cloud computing becomes more and more prevalent, it becomes even more important to practice safe security measures. By using the correct authentication and identity software you can ensure your data stays safe.

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Computer Programs that are Easy on the Eyes

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How many hours do you spend in front of a computer in a day? If you're like many people in today's tech-focused world, that number is probably higher than you realize. Owning and using a computer has become a near necessity in recent years, and for those who spend significant time in front of a monitor, eye health can be a constant concern. Though modern computer screens aren't as damaging as the high contrast, green-on-black screens of the 1980's, they can still pose problems over time. However, there are many ways you can turn your computer from an eye health liability into an eye health asset.

Online Resources

Many programs, documents, and other resources on eye health are easily accessed on the internet, completely free. You can find simple eye tests like the Amsler grid at the click of a button. This self-assessment might reveal macular degeneration you would otherwise be unaware of. One can also find many informative PDF files like "Finding Your Shades" and "Protecting Your Vision" with a simple Google search. These files are like the computer equivalent to the health pamphlets you might pick up in a doctor’s office, and they're available for almost any health concern you might have. The truth is, the internet is a nearly infinite resource for bettering your eye health, but there are other real world actions you can take as well.

Computer Tips

In addition to knowledge, one can better his or her eye health through many simple changes in computer usage. One key change is upgrading your computer monitor. Many modern LCD screens cause a significantly lower amount of eye strain than older CRT monitors. Also, try to avoid high contrast programs and applications. If looking at the white-on-black screen of a text editor is strenuous, reversing that color scheme can be a much needed relief. Make sure you only use your computer in a well-lit area, and try to take short breaks every once in a while. For many people, these tips will decrease the eye strain that often accompanies computer usage, but those of us with existing eye conditions might still have trouble.

Programs and Products

There are many innovative products and programs designed to make your computer easier on your eyes. Some programs such as F.lux, available free at, dynamically change the way your monitor looks to mimic the natural day and night cycle, decreasing eye strain. Some people may find relief with pinhole glasses, available at, especially those who suffer from other conditions such as astigmatism. Contact users might need to schedule an appointment with their optometrist and look into a different brand or type of contact as constant computer use can cause excessive dryness and irritation. Still, one thing to remember is that no solution for computer related eye strain will be perfect for everyone.


Computer usage is hard on the eyes, and each individual will have to find the solution that works for him or her. Thankfully, the sum of knowledge that the internet provides can be an indispensable resource for finding the answers you need. With a simple search and a few clicks you can find simple tips and tricks to help make your time using a computer more bearable, and you can even order products or download programs that will further add to your comfort. Though it may seem ironic, your computer can be your greatest asset in alleviating computer related eye problems.

Kelly Padmore is a medical coder who works on the computer daily. She is always on the lookout for ways to reduce eye stress. To learn more, visit
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The Top Five iPhone and iPad Apps for Home Security

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In the Apple App Store there are millions of apps for virtually anything from games to email to social networking and now, home automation. Most people have been out on the town or at work and have wondered if they remembered to turn off the oven or if they left the porch light on. With one of the many available home automation apps, home owners can now turn on the lights in their home or turn off appliances or even control the televisions; even when they are not home. These types of apps are also something that can lower homeowners' insurance premiums. When homeowners get homeowners insurance quotes from homeinsurance, they can see exactly how much they will save with multiple companies. Here is a list of the 5 best iPhone home automation apps that will help to control all of the main features of the home.

1. Indigo Touch App for iPhone and iPad

The indigo touch app for the iPhone and iPad give users a way to not only turn lights and appliances on and off but it can also control sprinkler systems as well as the furnace and air conditioner. This is the perfect app for homeowners who are constantly coming home to a house that is too hot or too cold. With this app, they can turn the necessary systems off or down when they are not home and then turn it back on or up when they are on their way home. This is the best way to come home to a toasty warm home without wasting the heat when the home is unoccupied. This is an app that is available from the iTunes App Store, it is not a free app but there is a free trial available so the homeowner can see if the service is what they are looking for before they buy it. Before the app is installed, the homeowner needs to have the Indigo v4.1 home controlled software.

2. iHome touch App

The iHome touch app is an app that costs $7.99 from the App Store. This is an app that can control virtually anything in a home that has X10 enabled devices. Through this app, the homeowner can set rooms and devices throughout the home by pictures in the app, allowing them to simply touch the picture to control the device.

3. CF Control FX App for iPhone and iPad

The CF Control App is a free app that does not require any subscription costs or upfront fees. It is a 100% free application that allows homeowners to control virtually anything in their home through their iPhone or iPad. The only catch is that in order to get all that this app has to offer, some technological knowledge should be present. IR and TCP/IP knowledge is necessary for the user to be able to unleash the full potential of this app.

4. Touchpad App for iPad

The Touchpad app is a full feature app that works with an installed Homeseer HS2 device. Through this app, the user can control just about everything in the home including lighting, security, irrigation, netcams, window coverings and even the entertainment systems. This is a full function app that is totally free of charge for anyone who has a Homeseer device installed already.

5. Haiku Home Automation App

The Haiku home automation app has a one-time charge of $49.99 for the app but there are no subscription charges; the only fee the owner pays is the initial fee. This app works on virtually anything in the home from the security to the HVAC controls. Not only does it control the devices, it also provides real time status' for all of the devices as well; for example, if the homeowner forgets if they turned on the security system, they can check from the app and turn it on if they need to. On the other hand, if they want to see the temperature in the house, they can check the temp from the app and adjust it accordingly. This is the only app that allows users to view and change the status of virtually everything in the home.

Adam Vaught has worked in home security for almost 10years, he is also a lover of technology and enjoys combining the two. His articles appear on a number of security and home-owner blogs at
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5 Tips for Effectively Managing a Virtual Team

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Virtual Team

It was once believed that in order to be efficiently cooperative and productive, team members would have to be located and working in the same room together. This is, of course, no longer the case. The advent of technology, software and online tools has allowed managers and project leaders to effectively work and collaborate with a team in the virtual world. No matter how a virtual team communicates, or even what continent they're on, a team should be understanding of project goals, objectives, and should be able to get just as much done as if they were sitting side by side each other.

It's the responsibility of the project manager to ensure everyone is focused and meeting deadlines accordingly. But because creating a virtual team is so new, it can be confusing, and even a hassle when it comes to effectively managing and guiding the team members. And, because of the constant flow and always-changing aspects that go into a continuous business project, it makes management that much more of a burden.

Here are five proven and effective techniques a project manager can implement to better manage a virtual team.

1. Set Objectives

Create and communicate to the team each of their individual roles and responsibilities. Ensure each one knows what the other team member is responsible for, and make sure they know and realize whose job effects whose, and why. Communicate clearly to the team members each of their daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly goals.

2. Establish Rules and Expectations

Even before the day the project is initiated, a few common ground rules should be clearly laid out for the team members. This is especially true for virtual teams, since it's easy to veer off track and become unproductive. Establish what is expected of each member and the team as a whole, and what the quality of each task should look like. Conveying the importance of status reports, establishing scheduled work hours, lunch break hours, and conference call times are essential to the short and long-term success of a virtual team.

3. Be Specific

Be thorough in explaining every aspect of what's required. Make sure everyone knows the exact time that content and tasks should be delivered. Sticking to a holistic approach and reminding the team of deadlines the day before they're due is not only risky, but it compromises the task's deliverability and quality.

4. Constant Communication

It's vital for the project manager to communicate with his or her team constantly. Leaving someone in the dark can end up being catastrophic for the project. And although the virtual team manager should have a direct and clear channel of open communication for the team, it's important to stay away from micromanagement. Trust the team to make the right decisions, and allow teams a way to communicate with each other, if and when necessary.

5. Use the Right Tools

It's pointless to create or be in charge of a virtual team when the right technology is not in place. Technology is the anchor to any proactive and communicative virtual team, and it's important to choose the right one. Sure, conference calls, webinar meetings, and instant messaging tools are great for making sure everyone is on track and going in the right direction, but they lack in reliability. How sure is the project leader that his or her team is doing what they're supposed to? When deadlines need to be met, and productivity is a must, there should be nothing left to chance. One of the most cost-effective and reliable pieces of software currently out there is My Team Monitor.

My Team Monitor is bar none, one of the best tools for the overall productivity of a virtual team. When active, the software records a team members working hours, letting the project leader know whose being productive and whose slacking behind. A team member's screenshots can be taken, and even key strokes and mouse clicks can be followed. This makes it easier to reward productivity and discover underlying problems. No matter the location of the virtual team and its members, and no matter the type of project it pertains to, My Team Monitor allows for peace of mind, and the simple transparency that a team leader needs when managing a virtual team.

Neil Bachand has extensive experience with virtual team management. Neil enjoys sharing his expertise and insight on software blogs. Learn more about managing a virtual team at My Team Monitor.
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An Exciting New Frontier: Cloud Engineering

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers a set of hardware and software computing resources over the Internet or any other network. These configurable resources include networks, servers, applications, services and storage, and are presented to users as a single on-demand service. The systematic application of multiple engineering disciplines to develop, operate and maintain cloud computing systems is called cloud engineering. This originated as a concept in 2007 but it was formally introduced in 2009. The main cloud engineering disciplines are discussed below; each of them takes commercialization, governance and standardization into consideration while designing the cloud system to provide the final business solution.

Software: Software engineering is the most fundamental discipline for cloud services; it gives users remote access to application software and databases while the application platform and complex infrastructure is managed by the cloud provider. The established design, development, integration and deployment processes of software engineering now need be applied to distributed computing.

Information: Data that was stored onsite in traditional business models is now stored on remote cloud servers and potentially distributed across data centers. The cloud system provider has to properly analyze how to take the existing data of an organization and build it into the cloud. This data needs proper integration while interfacing with other systems. The user also needs charting tools and dashboards to monitor and analyze their data.

Performance: Software engineering will take care of functional business requirements, but performance engineering is needed to meet the non-functional requirements. The network, tools and resources of the cloud service must demonstrate an optimized system performance, conform to service level agreements and ensure availability and scalability.

Security: Since cloud-based services, applications and tools are delivered over the Internet, they need to be monitored and tested to meet high security standards with robust password, network and storage policies put in place. The cloud system developed through software engineering principles is thoroughly analyzed and designed for reliability. Security aspects include preventing unauthorized access, and stability and sustainability in case of natural disasters. It also involves the secure process of migration from traditional platforms to the new cloud, in particular, interoperability and portability.

Risk: Many sectors like finance and health have strict regulatory requirements. With externally controlled infrastructure in cloud computing, the user shares accountability with the service provider. The governance, risk and compliance policies need to be updated accordingly. The organization should include the right to regularly audit the cloud provider in the contract and demand a disaster recovery plan from the cloud provider. When developing the cloud solution, they need to analyze the new shared operating business model and identify the new risks that virtualization, widespread storage or data and resource sharing bring, such as service load balancing and data latency. Identity management is necessary to control user access to applications on the cloud. Proper architectural design, thorough testing and automation are some of the risk mitigation strategies.

Web: Cloud computing uses the web or the Internet as its platform. Like any web-based system, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and other web engineering processes needs to be kept in mind while designing and implementing the cloud-based solution.


Cloud engineering is bringing about a huge technology shift in the IT world as mode businesses are moving toward cloud computing. It offers the advantages of automatic software updates through central hosting, operational cost savings and transferred infrastructural risks to the cloud provider. Proper application of the various disciplines in cloud engineering ensures a secure, reliable cloud solution to meet any business need.

Jessie Brannen is a tech researcher that focuses on the latest developments in cloud computing. Her articles mainly appear on tech websites. Visit the link to find out more about ProfitBricks'cloud computing software company and the services they offer.
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Best Android Apps for Bloggers

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Android Apps for Bloggers

I still remember the day when I got Internet connection in my home. The first thing that I searched for, was 'How to Make Money Online'. It's been quite time of mine being an Internet addict, and yes, I feel proud to say that I am making money online by blogging. Do you also join the queue of bloggers with me? If this is so, then you might be familiar that 'Smart Work' is a big demand of blogging world.
Do you know that your Android device can work as a great blogging tool for you. Thumbs down, if you did not know it earlier. Just go to Google Play and you will find tens of thousands of apps, designed to help bloggers. I have picked up the 5 best out of them and sharing the list of same here.

Just tell me, which blogging platform do you use? WordPress, right? If yes is the answer coming from your side, then you must download the official Android WordPress app. Though it can't work as a platform for complete blogging, but still, you can do the basic blogging tasks on your Android device, by using this app. The basic tasks include post editing, title saving, comments approval or rejection etc. Moreover, you need not to pay even a single penny to use this app.

Google's blogging platform 'Blogger' is preferred over WordPress by many bloggers, and for such bloggers, Android 'Blogger' app is must. Talking about its features, one can perform almost the same blogging tasks, that he/she can with WordPress Android app. Like WordPress app, this one is also free to download.

In blogging, one comes across other bloggers in blogosphere and makes friendly relations with them. Well, this is also very important, and as a blogger, you must stay active on social networking websites. Though there are separate official apps by every social networking site, but better to get all-in-one. Fliptoast is the solution to it. You can stay connected with happenings in your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, at same instance, by using this app on your Android device. The simple and intuitive user interface of the app enables it to shine at the top in its category.
The popular online dictionary, '' is having its official Android app, and it is must for every blogger as it may happen that you may not be familiar with the meaning of word that you are going to use in your blog post. That 'unknown' word for you can land up as poor quality of your post. So it's better to check the meaning, and the best way to do it is by using this app.

Google Analytics
Keep track of your website/blog's traffic while on the go, by using official Android Google Analytics app on your Android. You get all those features in this app, that you can find in Web version of Google Analytics.

Author Bio
This is a guest post by Harsha from Go Harsh! Tech blog. He is a web enthusiast and blogger. He writes reviews on new mobile phones, iPhones, Androids  and windows mobile phones. This article is written by him to list out the best blogger apps for android phones. He also helps newbies in understanding what is android phone , gadgets, & latest features on phones.
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Top 5 fields in IT jobs you can enter

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Top 5 IT jobs

Informational technology (or IT) is currently the best paid job sector in the world, with revenues that exceed 100,000 pounds per year. Luckily, it is also the field where you always obtain credits for your skills and jobs done and where you rarely interact with a grumpy or an annoying boss. However, obtaining a job in the IT field is far from an easy task, although it comes with great personal and professional rewards.
First of all, you should know that the world of IT is mostly seen as a privileged group, some sort of secret society or organization, where only the most gifted ones adhere and are recruited. As bizarre as it may sound, these acceptances are somewhat real and understandable, given the paid revenues. It is true that only the gifted ones manage to succeed in the world of IT, but that is mainly because you must really enjoy what you are doing to be humanly capable to sit in front of a desk for up to 10-12 hours a day and work with numbers, digits and codes. Secondly, you either hate it or love it – there is no middle way turn in the field of IT.
But apart from that, the world of informational technology can be as fascinating and enlightening as any other field, especially because of its extreme dynamic character. One of the biggest advantages you have working in the field is that you will never be able to say you got bored with what you are doing, as dozens of constant innovations appear each month. Moreover, most people tend to have a misconception regarding those working in the IT, as they tend to believe IT workers only deal with numbers and digits. In fact, they would be surprised to know the variety of careers one can opt for within the IT department, not to mention all the job challenges, promotions, responsibilities and opportunities.
Luckily, former high school nerds are extremely well paid and motivated to apply for an IT job, especially because they will get the chance to explore and improve their personal abilities and skills, as well as they will get to travel abroad, meet new people and work in a constantly dynamic environment. Regarding to the IT field, it is estimated that by the year 2020 multinational companies will have employed up to 34% more computer specialists in a series of challenging and rewarding positions. Out of them, here are the hottest right now:

  1. Cloud architects. The concept of “cloud storage” is relatively new to the world, as it has been only used for around a year. It appeared because companies were seeking for improved online storage locations, better protected and with better capacities. But what would a cloud architect do? Basically, the person is entitled to design solutions for all companies seeking to transfer their IT infrastructure and services from palpable servers to cloud solutions like Windows Azure. As being a highly motivational job with revenues of around 90,000 pounds per year, job applicants must be well recruited. A candidate is considered suitable for the job if he or she owns at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, information systems or any adjacent and relevant fields.
  2. Computer programmers. The sphere of computer programming is extremely vast as it is consists of thousands of programs designed for specific purposes and uses only. For instance, programmers can be recruited to create anything from school programs to complicated software solutions used in the banking system or telecommunications. Usually, computer programmers are divided in three categories: junior level employees, medium level employees and seniors, each earning different incomes. For instance, a junior level programmer with an experience of up to two years in the field will earn around 2,500 pounds per month while a senior level employee could earn up to 5 times more.
  3. Project managers. It is known that multinational corporations work based on a hierarchic structure, with variable levels of power within the company. For instance, computer programmers can be supervised by a project manager, especially if they are paid based on their fulfilled projects. Depending on the size of the project, as well as the allocated funds, the project could have more than one project manager. Usually, his or her attributions include supervising other programmers, keep in touch with clients regularly and make sure all technical errors are eliminated within time. A project manager is set to earn around 4,000 – 4,500 pounds per month.
  4. Web developers. According to important publications such as CareerCast or Dice, web developers will be some of the most wanted employees in the field of IT. A good web developer can earn up 3,500 pounds per month, as well as benefit from a multitude of other advantages.
  5. Database administrators are also on the list, with earnings around 50,000 pounds per year. The forecast on the employment growth outlook confirms that by 2020, there will be 31% more database administrators worldwide.

Guest Post by Steve of cwjobs . co . uk, if you are looking for IT Jobs check out their website.

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5 Ways to Stay Protected When Working on Your Mobile Device

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Thanks to technology, we are no longer tied to our desks with wires to get our work done. However, with this freedom of becoming a mobile workforce we have also opened up a Pandora’s box of dangers to the security of the data on your mobile devices. There are several ways you can stay protected when working on your mobile device.


1. Choose Secure Passwords
Regardless of what mobile device you are using, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you need to make sure you choose a secure password. Never choose one that is too obvious, like the name of your child or pet. Your best bet for a secure password is to choose one that has a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters if the device’s operating system allows it. There are tools available to check the strength of your password such as the one offered on HowSecureIsMyPassword[dot]net

2. Connect to Secure Networks if Possible
Chances are if you are connecting to free WiFi in your local coffee shop or hotel common areas, you are connecting to an open network. Ideally, you should only connect to networks that are secured by WPA or at least WEP encryption. Nonetheless, most free WiFi hotspots are not secure; therefore, you need to be vigilant to protect your data when you connect to them. Only connect to websites that are secured with SSL to avoid packet snooping on a public network that could allow others to see your confidential data. Be sure to avoid visiting your banking or credit card websites from unsecured networks, also.

3. Block Access to Your Devices
Make sure you have your firewall enabled to block unauthorized access to your devices. Most laptops and tablets already have a firewall installed, but you can also find protection for your other devices from companies such as Symantec and McAfee. Keep up-to-date with all your operating system, application, and antivirus software on all your devices to prevent access through the latest viruses or hacking methods. Be sure to configure your Bluetooth options to block unauthorized access.

4. Don’t Store Confidential Data on Your Mobile Devices
There is no need to travel around with seven years’ worth, or let alone even a copy of your last year’s tax returns on your mobile devices. Leave that information at home, safely stored away from prying eyes or in the event your device is lost or stolen. If you must keep sensitive information on your devices, make sure that it is encrypted to save yourself the headache of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

5. Keep a Backup of Your Data
You should always make sure that keep a backup of your mobile devices in a secure location. When we say secure, we mean not in its case or your briefcase where it can get lost, stolen, or damaged. Keep a copy at home or in your office so that it is readily available if and when you need it. A backup solution to consider is using an online backup service such as what is offered by Carbonite or similar vendor that can be accessed from anywhere.

By following these suggestions, you can make working on your mobile devices a safer experience. It may be a jungle out there with people who think nothing of stealing your information for their personal gain, but you do have easy options to protect yourself.

Author Bio
Fergal Glynn is the Director of Product Marketing at Veracode, an award-winning application security company specializing in Veracode's SQL injection security solutions and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools like: data leak guidefrom veracode.
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Why Small Business Need to Jump On the Cloud Phenomenon

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Cloud Computing for Small Business Sectors
New technology can bring new opportunities or new costs. The best way to go about incorporating the technology is getting the most opportunity for the smallest cost, and Cloud technology is making that much easier for businesses in the "Small Business" demographic. There are a few ways Cloud technology is enabling this, and in this article we will go over them briefly to familiarize you with the reasons why utilizing Cloud services makes sense for small businesses.

Division of Labor

The Cloud enables the transmission and manipulation of data on a scale that makes it much easier to connect different companies or people together who offer specific and unique skill sets. When people specialize in a task, they perform the task better and faster. That was the core principle behind the introduction of division of labor into the manufacturing process, and moving the idea from there to the overall business world is not a huge leap.

By taking advantage of Cloud resources, you can let other companies focus on doing what they do best while your company works on its main goals. Large companies can afford to bring on extra divisions and eventually turn them into an additional source of profit, but for a small business it can be an immense setback to lose company focus.

Reduction in Cost of Necessary Services

When implementing a new technology into your business, there are various secondary costs that are not immediately apparent that can sneakily push you into the red. For example, simply setting up an office network and shared database can require a large amount of equipment, and the personnel list includes a systems administrator, computer hardware repair technicians, firewall technicians, and more. The additional costs begin to pile up and take a massive toll on the budget.

The Cloud offers your company the option of using outside companies to perform various technology services. For example, a firewall maintenance company may be able to provide another company with around the clock firewall monitoring. By virtue of their specialization in the task, the outsourced firewall company can provide the service at a significantly reduced cost compared to forming an IT department in your small business.


Another important thing to consider is that all new projects in your business will take some time to do the tasks they were created to do. There is the time it takes to come up with the project idea, make room for it in the budget, interview and hire the right employees, and then the actual time to implementation. Using an outsourced Cloud option severely reduces the last two steps.

You will still need to pick through the available Cloud companies that offer the service you are looking for, and in most cases there will be a short delay between hiring them and the implementation of the service. A company is much easier to assess than a person, and the Cloud companies are experienced in setting up their services for new clients, which makes them expeditious at the task.

These are not the only reasons the Cloud is advantageous to small businesses, but they are very attractive and should be considered when making your business decisions.

Author Bio:
Lauren Huttner contributed this guest post on behalf of -Network Support NYC. Lauren is a freelance writer. She enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies and her articles appear on various tech blogs.
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Choosing an IT Support Company for Your Business

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Support for your Business

Choosing a reliable IT Support company is important, as it can make a huge difference in a business's bottom-line. While IT support teams are generally hired to maintain a company's internal network, the work performed effects every facet of the business in one way or another.

IT support companies work to assist businesses with various components such as security, upgrading, installation, management, backup, and overall maintenance. Without a professional IT company on your side, a simple storm could cause you to lose every single bit of data stored on your network, even worse- a virus attack could lead to not only stored information being loss, but your entire network could be taken out of commission. Without the use of your company's network, your business could suffer tremendously. This is why it is important to hire professional IT Support Company you can trust- efficient business depends on it. The IT Support Company you choose to handle your company's day to day operations will need to be a reputable one.

You will trust your company's information to this company, therefore it is important that they are honest and reliable.

Before hiring an IT support company, you will need to consider 4 things: 
  1. Price 
  2. History
  3. Necessity
  4. Experience Is

The Price Affordable?

When choosing an IT Support company, it is imperative to make sure their services are affordable when compared to others in the area. Most major cities have an abundance of IT Support companies these days, so be sure you don't get stiffed.
The price offered should be near average- if not below; there's also many freelance IT professionals who will service your company's network as needed. Many businesses which do not have large networks often use freelancers, however it is important to do a bit of research before letting just anyone handle your company's data.
Prices should not include any hidden fees- if the company is not transparent about their costs, you should probably move on to the next one. This is not to say that "extra costs" do not arise, but they should be rare, and prices should remain in the neighborhood of your original quote. Lastly, remember- one of the oldest rules of any business is- "you have to spend money to make money." Don't skimp on your IT services, it very necessary, in order to keep your company's files safe, and your business up and running. Without this, you could lose money, prospective customers, and a load of documents and files which are needed.
Your ROI, or return on investment will be well worth it regardless of what it costs to hire a IT Support company.

Are They Reputable?

IT professionals work to assist businesses with their internal network, keeping watch on security and other components which have to do with the company's system. They are usually hired in teams, and for large companies their hours coincide with business hours. This is to keep the network running smoothly, as one little glitch could cause an entire system to crash.
The IT Support team which is chosen is so very important that it could make the difference in a business's success or failure.
Losing files or getting your system hacked could easily spell disaster- but a good team of IT professionals would nip this in the bud before it ever happens.
Make sure the company you hire has a good record, which includes maintaining the safety and integrity of any previous networks which they may have worked on. There are a few ways of checking the past record of a business; going to The Better Business Bureau's website, doing research for reviews, and calling their references. Background checks are good as well.

Remember, you can never be too careful, because you will be trusting sensitive information with whomever you decide to hire.

What Kind of Experience Do They Have?

Visiting the website of prospective businesses who you are looking to hire is a great way to get a bit of history. Finding out how long they have been in business will tell you how much experience they have working in the field, and provide a ration of how many years they've worked versus the ratio of complaints they've received. You will want to know whether they have experience in computer backup and security- which includes keeping close watch on email and all other facets of an employee's work account. Hiring an IT Support Company No matter what kind of business you have, it is important to hire an IT Support team of some kind. While they may not seem of value on a day to day basis, should your computer system crash or catch a virus, you will definitely regret not having their assistance.

Adam wood is a tech enthusiast, loves to keep himself updated to latest technology space. He works as Senior Product Manager at Concise UK, one of the leading managed Business IT Support company.

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